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Welcome to Jedlie’s

Welcome to, the fun and exciting web site dedicated to encouraging parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone who is caring for a child, to spend more time reading together. And playing games together, and cooking together, taking walks, putting together puzzles together, watching TV, in other words, we want to encourage families to spend more time having fun, meaningful moments together.

My name is Jedlie, and I will be your host here at Reading With Your Kids. It is my job to introduce you to great books, games, activities, recipes and more that you can experience with your kids.

I am the father of two wonderful young adult children Chris and Alejandra. I am also honored to be the American dad to many international students who have lived with us while studying here in the US.

When I am not hosting the Reading With Your Kids website and podcast I am a full time educational magician, presenting motivational magic shows at schools, churches and special events throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

I have also recently become a published author, releasing my first children’s book, The Great Maritini, as an exclusive amazon e book. Please click here to get your copy today.





Joining me to help bring you lots of great book and activity selections is my fantastic associate producer Fatima Khan. Be sure to check out here weekly book review.

We will also be producing the Reading With Your Kids Podcast. Three times each week we will introduce you to a great children’s author or a suggestion for a totally interactive activity your family can do.


Please be sure to download your free copy of the My Life Is Magic E Book at the top of this page.

And of course please check out our almost daily blog for book reviews, recipes, podcast links and previews and so much more.

I truly believe that the best gift we can give to our kids is our time and attention. And reading together is the one of the best ways to spend time with our kids.

Numerous studies have shown that reading with our kids has great benefits. Kids who read with their parents are more likely to develop a life long love of reading, and that translates into more success in school and more opportunities in life. Reading with your kids is also the best way to start a life long conversation with our kids about our values.

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