Charlie the Caterpillar by Andy Gutman: #RWYK Great Read Certified

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#RWYK Great Read #Review – Charlie the Caterpillar by Andy Gutman

4 stars

Woohoo!!! Reading with Your Kids is EXCITED to announce that Charlie The Caterpillar written by Andy Gutman has earned the Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read Status and we can’t get any happier to share this little gem of a book with all our listeners!

The Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read designation has been developed to acknowledge outstanding books and products that kids and parents will love to experience together. And we think Charlie the caterpillar has all that it takes to be our certified great read. Read on to find out more about Charlie and his fascinating story!


More about Andy Gutman

Andy Gutman

Andy Gutman is a songwriter and a dreamer who tries to see the beauty in the world. He is the proud parent of Riley Claire, husband to Lesley Gutman, and the author of Charlie the Caterpillar. A self-described boring businessman by day, the Detroit, Michigan father unleashes his creative side at night while the world is asleep. He is also the author of Pop Lullaby, a gentle lullaby, and has written and produced numerous musical pieces, including song accompaniments to his children’s books.

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Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Charlie the Caterpillar by Andy Gutman

Charlie the caterpillar

When Charlie the Caterpillar looks in the mirror, all he sees is what’s missing. But with the help of some caring and colorful friends, he begins to learn it’s what inside that counts.

The book’s lively illustrations in vibrant colors bring the story to life. Its lyrical words work for both reading silently and aloud.

The accompanying contemporary “Charlie the Caterpillar” song, also written by Gutman, is available on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud and is sure to have children and their parents tapping their toes, too (!

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 Our Review

“Charlie The Caterpillar Should Be In Every Family Library”

Charlie the Caterpillar is a children’s picture book written by Andy Gutman. It is an amusing tale written in rhyme to stimulate children while encouraging reading. Not only is the illustration superb, the storyline is interesting.

The following extract illustrates the verse style


It doesn’t matter what you’ve got–Neon stripes or polka dots–

Raise your head and show them off!”

The story follows Charlie the Caterpillar who is not satisfied with his physical appearance and every time he looks into the mirror, all he sees is what’s missing. He is shown longing for abs, muscles and hip glasses. Charlie believes that making changes to his outer appearance will bring him happiness; but with the help of some caring and helpful friends, he starts to understand it’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that counts. Who cares what you’re clothes look like, as long as you’re a good person.

We’re sure Charlie the Caterpillar will prompt rich discussion and valuable life lessons about knowing and loving all of who we are. Andy’s encouraging text, paired with his vibrant pop-art illustrations, make embracing your individuality silly, cool, and fun. It’s a great message packaged in a must-own book.

Illustrations in vibrant colors perfectly match this celebration of self-love and acceptance. Kids will love this reminder to embrace who they are and look for their unique place in the world. An easy-to-understand story for young readers with engaging illustrations and an important message about resilience.

Final Verdict

Charlie the Caterpillar gets four stars from us for giving out such a powerful message with a simple and engaging story.  Unfortunately, the rhyme used in some of the places has no proper flow which came off as clunky and hence one star is deducted from our review. Overall, it’s a cute little book with beautiful pictures that encourages kids to love and accept themselves for who they are!!


Congratulations to Andy Gutman for winning the RWYK  Certified Great Read Status!


A big thank you to Andy Gutman for providing us a free copy of this book through Reading with your Kids certified program. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own.


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