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#RWYK Certified Great Read #Review – Counting Frogs written by Arin Wensley


YAY! So excited to announce that Reading with Your Kids has found it’s brand new Certified Great Read and we’re thrilled to announce the little gem of a book that has won our hearts and we are hoping it will win your heart too. That book is Counting Frogs by Arin Wensley!

At Reading with your Kids, we’re constantly looking for books that will get your little ones excited about reading and learning new things in the most fun and interactive ways. We strongly feel Counting Frogs will be a great addition to any family’s library as it’s a brilliant counting picture book for young children , full of bright colourful pictures, making it great for little hands to hold. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Counting Frogs by Arin Wensley

Counting Frogs by Arin WensleyOne frog… Two frogs… Three frogs… Four! Come along and find out what is in store. Learning to count can be exciting and fun in Arin Wensley’s debut picture book “Counting Frogs.” Toddlers will find the comical frogs and simple rhyme appealing and will ask to hear the story over and over.


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Learn more about Arin Wensley

Counting Frogs written by Arin Wensley

Arin Wensley is the author and illustrator of her debut book Counting Frogs. She is an Indie Author and Illustrator, and a full-time mom. She currently lives in Indiana with her husband and daughter, where she spends most of her time curled up with a good book.

Where can you find Arin on the internet?

Her website:

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Our Review

Do you have a young kid who is struggling to learn counting? Then pick up a copy of Counting Frogs written by Arin Wensley. This picture book starts with the number 1 and, spread by spread, counts up to ten. It’s s a great picture book that will help toddlers learn about number identification and counting.

The first page features an adorable frog with a cute birthday cap swimming in the pond and having a great time. Each page has one number arranged in the corner, accompanied with the corresponding set of frogs. This goes on until the number ten is displayed and ten colorful frogs. After ten there is a larger page that displays all of the frogs, a big cat and a mouse celebrating someone’s birthday.

Counting Frogs encourages kids to search for Frogs on beautifully-illustrated pages and learn that there are different numbers of frogs and the total is ten. This pushes the reader to really engage with the book and the act of counting.  I like how this book encourages a very young children to go at their own pace through the book. Encouraging them to look at the illustration, then at the number, and making a connection between the actual number and the actual illustration.  As children will practice counting up to 10, they will discover entertaining frogs jumping all over, hopping along the shore, sneaking through the drawers and dancing on the floor. This book should have repeated readings to help support counting.

The pictures in this book are great along with the counting theme and it will draw young readers in, and make them want to read the book over and over again. I really just thought that this book could have been stronger if the numbers were spelt out somewhere or if there was more repeat of the numbers. However, even without these things the book is still very helpful and can be used as a great tool to teach young kids how to count.


Final Verdict

A fun counting book for storytime!

Overall, a fun book for introducing counting because it allows you to focus the children on finding and counting the hidden frogs. Ages 3-5 can most likely benefit and find this book interesting. Children will love to count the frogs and you’ll want to encourage counting on each page!

Counting Frogs written by Arin Wensley



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