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#RWYK Great Read #Review – Itty Bitty Wouldn’t Budge written by Victoria Martin and illustrated by Caitlyn Knepka

5 stars

Hello dear readers,

It’s time again to celebrate a brand NEW ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read! Get ready to be inspired by a sweet little picture book Itty Bitty Wouldn’t Budge written by Victoria Martin and illustrated by Caitlyn Knepka.

We had a super time reading Victoria’s fun book and we think it is written to entertain, enlighten and encourage young readers to enjoy the art of reading and we hope your family enjoys reading it as much as we did!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Itty Bitty Wouldn’t Budge by Victoria Martin

Itty Bitty Wouldn't Budge

It was a beautiful, sunny and warm spring day. Itty Bitty, a very large Newfoundland dog, and Nana, her owner, set off on a long walk through their hometown of Maplewood. But when it was time to head back home, Nana was ready and Itty Bitty, well, she had another idea…



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P.S.  Victoria donates a percentage of sales from the book toward Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, which rehabilitates a variety of animals. She also has donated several copies to Little Free Libraries across the nation and the globe. For more information about the author or to schedule a reading event, email Martin at [email protected]

Learn more about Victoria Martin

Victoria Martin

Victoria Martin and her family have been the proud and happy owners of many dogs of every mixed breed for as long as she can remember. Nana and Itty Bitty hold a very special place in her heart and this book is a tribute to them. In support of dogs and their best friends everywhere, a portion of the author’s proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.


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Our Review

“An excellent bedtime story that will help children enjoy sweet dreams”

Itty Bitty Wouldn’t Budge is a delightful little story about a beautiful and very large Newfoundland dog named Itty Bitty, who lives with her owner, Nana, in a wonderful little town called Maplewood. Nana is an outstanding and extremely well known primary teacher. On one beautiful, sunny and warm spring day Nana and Itty Bitty set off on a stroll through Maplewood Village. They pass local landmarks including a church, a park, and the railroad station. Along the course, they see familiar faces and meet friends.

On their way back home, Itty Bitty chooses to stop and does not have any desire to move. Nana does her best to convince Itty Bitty to complete their walk yet she’s a large dog and very stubborn. She wouldn’t budge. Bystanders and people of her community inquire as to whether she needs any help, however, Nana knows her best and gets Itty Bitty to move. The book ends with Itty Bitty curled on the rug with her favorite toy duck and dreaming about her day.

With vibrant illustrations, Itty Bitty Wouldn’t Budge is an entertaining story for children in the kindergarten to third-grade ages. Many kids are fascinated by dogs from a very early age, whether they simply watch the neighborhood dogs play in the street or park or have their own canine best friend at home. cheeky, inquisitive, adventurous, loving – and yes, naughty – dog character. So for all the pooch-loving kids out there, this is a great picture book that celebrates man’s best friend. Perfect for the kid whose best friend has four legs.

The illustrations are adorable and they bring the story and the characters alive. It is a cute book for bedtime storytelling and can be used in classrooms and school libraries for storytelling and read aloud sessions. Light-hearted stories like this are good for children and will put a smile on their faces. This beautiful Newfoundland dog will definitely find her way into the hearts of young readers with her unusual behavior. Throughout this well-written children’s book, there are excellent illustrations which are perfect for younger children to strengthen their observational skills.

Final Verdict

Children will relate to Itty Bitty and enjoy the details of what may or may not get her to move. Anyone who is a dog lover will enjoy this story. If you can’t get enough of this lovable duo, follow them on a new adventure in Itty Bitty, Is That You?, the second book in the Itty Bitty series which shows a day in the life of Nana and her 145-pound Newfoundland dog, Itty Bitty.


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A big thank you to author Victoria for providing us a free copy of this book through Reading with your Kids certified program. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own.

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