MEET Ace, Grace, and the Flying Suitcase Visit Jamaica!

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Kimberly Hemmings, Children’s Book Author, on Travelling, Her Love for Jamaica, Exploring the World through Kid’s Literature, and More!

Hey everyone!

We’re absolutely honored to have elementary school teacher and a  children’s book author Kimberly Hemmings joining us on this episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast!

Kimberly is the author of a travel book for children titled Ace, Grace, and the Flying Suitcase Visit Jamaica, a fun, and vibrant children’s book. The story takes readers on an adventure across the island of Jamaica and inspires travel and adventure in young readers by spotlighting the local culture and sights of the country.

Listen in as Kimberly and Jed discuss her travel book series, the first book in her series that take young kids to Jamaica, her inspiration for writing this series, Her Love of traveling and exploring different cultures in various countries around the world, upcoming projects and more.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s soar and explore with Ace and Grace!


Here’s more information about Kimberly Hemmings

Kimberly A. HemmingsKimberly A. Hemmings is an elementary educator of 20 years. She received inspiration for her stories from her numerous international travels around the world with her family. She has a passion for learning about and experiencing other cultures and loves sharing this passion with others. She currently lives in the United States, but has lived abroad for several years, and has spent extended time in various countries all around the world.

Kimberly holds a M.Ed. Degree in Early Childhood Education, received National Board Certification and has certifications in Elementary Leadership and Administration, as well as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

“Ace, Grace, and the Flying Suitcase Visit Jamaica” is the first book in the Ace and Grace Travel Books series. Jamaica was chosen to be the first book in the series because of the author’s family ties to Jamaica and her extreme love for the island. Additional titles in the series, highlighting other countries around the world, will be available soon!

More about Ace, Grace, and the Flying Suitcase Visit Jamaica 

Ace, Grace, and the Flying Suitcase Visit JamaicaEach book in the Ace and Grace Travel Books series focuses on a different country and is educational, entertaining, and combines both fact and fiction, using a fun, rhyming text. In each book, Ace, Grace, and Skylar the Flying Suitcase visit actual sites enjoy authentic foods, dance to the rhythms, and meet wonderful people in the countries they visit. These engaging books will foster a love and appreciation of other cultures, emphasize the importance of diversity, and instill a thirst for travel, while also teaching important life lessons.

This is the first book in the Ace and Grace Travel Books series. In this book, siblings Ace and Grace embark on an exciting, magical adventure as they visit the beautiful island of Jamaica, with their friend Skylar, the Flying Suitcase. Join them as they experience the wonderful culture of this fascinating island in the Caribbean Sea. Soar and explore with Ace and Grace!

Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy today!


In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcastyou’ll hear:

  • Kimberly Hemmings introduces us to the first book in her travel series Ace, Grace, and the Flying Suitcase Visit Jamaica
  • What inspired Kimberly to write specifically about Jamaica?
  • What other destination would she like Ace, Grace, and Suitcase to travel to?
  • What is the most interesting thing that kids would encounter about Jamaica after reading her book?
  • What are some of the important lessons her book teaches to young children
  • Upcoming books in the Ace and Grace Travel Books series and more. Be sure to tune in!


A huge thank you to Kimberly Hemmings for joining us and for sharing her fun little book with us!


Finally, where can we find Kimberly online?

Her website:


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