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#RWYK Great Read #Review –My Community by Raven Howell

5 stars

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We’ve just finished updating our list of Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Reads for October,  and it’s all ready so that you can start putting holds on them at the library, or ordering from your favorite bookstore.

My Community written by Raven Howell and illustrated by Yeng Yang has earned the prestigious title of being a Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Read and we’re over the moon to have this little gem of a book featured on our hall of fame and to share it with the world!

Congratulations to Raven Howell for writing such a fun and informative book for children!

We hope you enjoy our pick, It’s a delightful book!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

My Community by Raven Howell

My Community by Raven Howell

“Greet the morning – hello, sun!
Today I’m meeting everyone!
Mailman, teacher, doctor, vet…
Want a slice of pizza yet?

Celebrate diversity –
Come meet my community!”

Open your eyes! Stretch, yawn, and enjoy this rollicking day, joining with a diverse and loving community. And at day’s end, as the sun sets and moon illuminates, children can tumble into sweet dreams of wholeness, love, and unity.

My Community is available for purchase at AMAZON


About Raven Howell

Raven HowellRaven Howell is an award-winning author and poet of several children’s picture books. Her most recent releases are Shimmer/Songs of Night, A Star Full of Sky, and My Community. Her poems appear in children’s magazines such as Cricket, Highlights for Children, HighFive, Ladybug, Jack and Jill, and Fun for Kids. She enjoys presenting children’s writing workshops, visiting libraries and schools, and is the Creative and Publishing Advisor for RedClover Reader.


To learn more about Raven & her books

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Our Review

We just love this book!  My Community is a rhyming picture book written by Raven Howell and illustrated by Yeng Yang. Not only does this book introduce children to the concept of community, but it also does it in a way that challenges stereotypes in the age of diversity, too. My Community emphasizes the importance of community, describing the different aspects of one particular local neighborhood.

My Community

The book begins with a young, pale-skinned girl with red hair waking up in her room. A large picture frame in her room features a photo of her mom, who looks simply like her, and an African-American dad. On the next page, we are introduced to her brown-skinned younger sister. Parents and teachers will particularly appreciate that this book celebrates family diversity.  It helps children develop pride in their own family at the same time they are exposed to the diversity of the world around them. Books like these help your kids understand the common theme that runs through all families.

My Community

Raven takes children on a tour through a young girl’s vibrant neighborhood introducing them to the important people who make our communities cleaner, safer, and better. Each person has an important job to do including the little girl’s dad, who is the mayor of the town. Along the way, kids learn about the people and places that make up their community and what it means to be a part of one. They are introduced to local garbage pickers, neighbors, mail carrier Juan, bus driver Mr. Lee, Chef Mario at the pizza parlor, police chief Cho, teachers, librarians, and a vet and a doctor (both women). Each page has bright, colorful illustrations that are full of detail. The pictures help tell the story. Highlighted by Yang’s energetic, jewel-like illustrations, My Community inspires readers to explore and appreciate their own community. Racial and ethnic diversity is celebrated on every page, and the rhyming text of Raven will inspire children and adults alike.

My Community

My Community is a meaningful introduction to early readers about our natural power to contribute to our home, neighborhood and the world. This book would be a great addition to a classroom or homeschool curriculum. The book encourages unselfishness, awareness of others, kindness, compassion, and respect for others. It also opens up the opportunity for dialogue about community.

Final Verdict

A great picture book to introduce children to different businesses, services, and members of a community. With vibrant images, children will be eager to describe what they see or create a story of their own.

My Community


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