Puppy Pickup Day by April M. Cox: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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#RWYK Great Read #Review – Puppy Pickup Day, written by April M. Cox & Illustrated by Len Smith

5 Stars

Puppy Pickup Day is now a Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Read!


Hey RWYK Family!

Do you enjoy heartwarming stories, happy endings and rooting for the underdog? Then you’ll LOVE our brand NEW Reading with your kids certified Great Read by author and entrepreneur April M. Cox!  Puppy Pickup Day is the latest book to be added to our wall of fame!  It’s the cutest dog book we have read so far that features the adorable labradoodle and introduces readers to his journey as he overcomes his insecurities, and loves and accepts himself!

Read on to follow a tiny puppy with a huge heart as he overcomes his insecurities, builds self-esteem and discovers the power of kindness, friendship, and love. It’s a fun picture book. Continue Reading!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Puppy Pickup Day by April M. Cox, Illustrated by Len Smith

Puppy Pickup Day by April Cox

The beautiful illustrations and Little Labradoodle puppy capture the hearts of little ones and provide easy rhymes for early readers. The book encourages perseverance, courage, and acceptance of self and others. It provides an opportunity to talk about emotions like anxiety and fear along with difficult topics like adoption, fostering, moving to a new home, not fitting in, bullying and dealing with disabilities or limitations.

The book contains diverse characters in the faces of people picking up puppies and in the friends the puppy makes during his adventure. The colorful illustrations and characters are perfect for Preschool to Kindergarten (ages 2-5) while the fun and simple rhyme are designed for early readers (ages 6-9, Grades 1-3).

This book is well suited for those who love illustrations from Disney and rhymes of Dr. Seuss with an appreciation for themes of kindness and core values delivered in books like The Berenstein Bears and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Buy Your Copy of Puppy Pickup Day to teach your children about compassion, courage, perseverance, and self-empowerment.

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A Note from April M Cox

April Cox, authorAs a Mother of four, I have spent a lot of time reading over the years. There’s nothing more intimate than having a child climb up and melt into your lap excited to share a story together. When the grandkids came I was inspired to create books that I knew they would enjoy with lovable characters, adventure, beautiful illustrations and underlying messages of kindness, love, acceptance of self and others.

I live outside of Providence, RI with my husband, Steve and our two mini-Labradoodles. I dedicate all my work to my four beautiful grandkids who make my heart soar and give me a new purpose.

I hope you enjoy the characters I am creating in The Little Labradoodle series and am excited to be working on the first picture book! I hope you will follow me on my journey.

Where can you find April on the internet?

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Our Review

Puppy Pick up Day is absolutely adorable, have the cutest story and illustrations!

Puppy Pickup Day

Puppy Pickup Day is the first rhyming picture book in The Little Labradoodle Series written by April M. Cox and beautifully illustrated by Len Smith.

This heartwarming and inspiring story begins on the Puppy Pick up Day. A very special day for the little Labradoodle and his seven other siblings who believe that their lives are just about to change. They are well fed, cleaned and ready for their big day. All the Labradoodles are excited about meeting their new families especially the youngest pup. He is much smaller than other puppies and when he tries to play with them, he struggles because he is too small. He struggles in the game of tug of war, can’t catch a single ball and falls off the slide. Depressed, he follows two rabbits under the fence and soon realizes that he’s lost. He seeks help from his animal friends, and a large dog named Abra. Will he be able to find his way back home, and have the possibility of meeting his new family?  As they finally arrive to see the puppy, he is extremely nervous to meet them and wonders if they will love him and accept him for the way he is?

Puppy Pickup Day

He asks himself: “Could this new family love a clumsy pup,
whose legs had trouble keeping up;
who needed help after too many falls,
failed at tug and couldn’t catch balls?”

The little pup finally gathers the courage and gives them a smile and tries to stand still. With the help of love and affection shown by his new family, The Little Labradoodle, who is now named Brady, finally overcomes his insecurities. He learns about the power of kindness, friendship and builds self-esteem through the love of his new family. kids will relate to little pup’s curiosity as well as his fears and will enjoy the endearing pictures and the fun rhyming text of April

The illustrations in Puppy Pickup Day are the highlight of this book. From the cover of this book to the very last page, the illustrations are adorable, kid-friendly and vivid in color use! I was smiling throughout this adorable book because the illustrations, particularly of the little pup, are so expressive and cute.

Puppy Pickup Day is a perfect tool to discuss emotions like anxiety and fear and talk about difficult topics with kids like adoption, fostering, moving to a new home, bullying, feelings of self-doubt and dealing with disabilities or limitations.

Three cheers for April! Delightful to read aloud, Puppy Pick up Day is a treasured story that every child should know.

Final Verdict

With a story that makes reading fun—and will even help listeners learn to read—this book is ideal for kindergarten classrooms and story hour or as a gift for that beginning reader. Fresh, charming and oversized art by Len Smith, a former Disney illustrator and lead artist for the ‘Toon Town’, will make this a favorite!


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