RWYK Christmas Special Edition with SPOOKY MG Authors!!

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RWYK Christmas Special Podcast:  Spooky MG Authors Prove that Spooky Stories Serve an Important Role All Year Round

HAHAHA, Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s time for the ReadingWithYourKids Podcast Christmas Special!

Spooky Middle Grade

Telling ghost stories on Christmas was a tradition for hundreds of years so this Christmas we decided to relive those traditions by bringing a spooky ghost story to all the listeners of the Reading with Your Kids podcast!

Can you imagine 9 award-winning middle-grade authors coming together to create a fun, spooky Christmas story for all of you? Yes, you read that right! Through modern eyes, Halloween might be a more appropriate holiday for ghosts, but these MG authors are here to prove that Spooky Stories Serve an Important Role All Year Round.

Please welcome S.A. Larsen, Kim Ventrella, Samantha M. Clark, David Neilsen, Angie Smibert, Katrina Knudson, Sarah Cannon, Victoria Vennerstrom Piontek & Jonathan Rosen to the Reading with Your Kids Podcast!


A note from Spooky MG Authors

We are a group of middle-grade authors working to prove that spooky stories serve an important role all year round. Connect with us by booking a free Skype Q&A with a panel of our amazing authors, downloading free resources related to our books and connecting with us for in-person visits. Also, check out our blog for articles focusing on the importance of spooky stories in middle-grade fiction. Find out more about the spooky middle-grade authors below.

At, we seek to promote stories and authors that honor and reflect the lives of all young people. To accomplish this goal, we are actively seeking diverse voices. If you are a traditionally-published author of middle-grade spooky stories, we invite you to join our team and help us show that spooky stories have value all year round.


Link to the site –


Follow the Spooky MG authors on Twitter

S.A. Larsen
Twitter  @SA_Larsen
Hop over to her website to find out more
Kim Ventrella   
Twitter  @kimventrella
 Check out her website at
 David Neilsen
Twitter  @MrDavidNeilsen
You can learn more about David, including information on his school visits, on his website.
Angie Smibert
Twitter  @amsmibert
Author website:
Jonathan Rosen
Twitter @houseofrosen
To learn more, visit his website at
Kat Shepherd
Twitter @bookatshepherd
To learn more, visit his website at
Samantha M. Clark 
Twitter  @samclarkwrites
Author website
Victoria Vennerstrom Piontek
Twitter  @victoriapiontek
Sarah Cannon
Twitter @Saille


Spooky Reading Challenge

Teachers and librarians can sign up for their reading challenge on Spooky MG author’s website for a chance to win prizes!

Spooky Skype Panel

Teachers and librarians can sign up for their Skype visits on their website. Note: Their panel can also connect through Google Hangouts or another way teachers/librarians need.
We would like to say a huge thank you to all the Spooky MG authors for doing this interview! We’re very excited to see what they do next!  We hope you have enjoyed listening to this episode and be sure to keep your eye out for their future books.


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We’ll be back with a new podcast on Thursday. Until then, have a great Christmas!


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