Jedlie’s Fantastic New Book

The Great Maritini Story & Activity Book

Is Available In Print!!!

The Great Maritini is a fun and touching story about Sam, a lovable but far from perfect magician. He is known throughout the land as The Great Maritini. Despite his many on stage mishaps Sam never gives up on himself, and as a result of that grit and resolve is able to dazzle audiences with his amazing transformations.

Sam also has a kind heart who can not walk away from anyone in need, and soon learns that the greatest transformation is transforming feelings of caring into action to help another human being.

In addition to the full color story this book features coloring pages and activities.

This wonderful and fun retelling of the Story of the Good Samaritan has been a highlight of Jedlie’s live show for many years. This brand new print version of that skit is a wonderful way to remind kids that we have a responsibility to respond when we see someone in need.

In addition to this fun story the book also features coloring pages, a maze, word find and a challenge that will have kids thinking of ways they can help others. This is a great way to empower kids to understand they matter and can make a difference in the world.

The book has been brilliantly illustrated by Tiffany Doherty, an incredibly gifted young artist.