The Super Dynamos, Volume 1- Fuel Up!: #RWYK Great Read Certified

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#RWYK Certified Great Read #Review – The Super Dynamos Fuel Up! Max’s Transformation Begins by Pamela Power Scanlon

5 stars

Hurray! We’re so very pleased to announce the addition of a brand NEW children’s book to the list of RWYK Certified Great Reads. Congratulations to Pamela Power Scanlon for winning the RWYK Great Read title for her wonderful picture book The Super Dynamos Fuel Up! 

Placing a Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read seal on a book or product tells parents, grandparents, educators, and caregivers they are giving their kids the very best. And we hope you and your family enjoy reading “The Super Dynamos Fuel Up!” as much as we did!


A note from the Author

Pamela Power, author of the Super DynamosBelieve it or not, I’m now a total foodie and exercise junkie! Group exercise is my first love, but hot yoga, running outside on beautiful days (especially at the beach), and my solo early morning workouts in my home gym all light me up! And I’m delighted to say that food and I not only got reacquainted years ago, but our friendship has gotten stronger over the years. It’s transformed into a beautiful love-love relationship.

The newest piece of my wellness puzzle that I’m the most excited to share with you is the spiritual piece!

The challenges I faced as a child dampened my Spirit. This feeling of disconnection resurfaced when I became a Mom. As Moms do, I was too busy taking care of everyone and everything else that I began to lose touch with the passionate, spirited part of me.  The part of me that’s the best, most natural source of energy!

The effects I felt after my first guided meditation experience was when I had my second life-changing epiphany. Since that day, I’ve incorporated daily spiritual practices into my day and that has helped me regain a sense of inner peace and reconnect to the parts of me that I’d lost.

I look forward to delving into deeper into that experience with you and sharing the insights and practices that have empowered me to reclaim my own energy and spirit!

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Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

The Super Dynamos Fuel Up! Max’s Transformation Begins

The Super Dynamos by Pamela PowerWhat if Every Kid Knew How To Discover Their Unique Superpower? Max Power doesn’t know he’s a special kid. But his commitment to keeping himself strong and healthy has caught the attention of two superheroes, Robusto Boy and Gusto Girl. Max is amazed when they show up with an invitation to join them on a mission to save the world from Junker, a despicable villain working to make Earth a lazy, unhealthy place. Robusto Boy and Gusto Girl believe Max has what it takes to help them save the world, one kid at a time. When Max comes face to face with Junker, will he prove that he’s the one who can save the day? This action-packed story offers children an exciting introduction to the benefits of healthy living. Not only will this story make it easier to get your kids to eat healthy, they’ll also begin to value their bodies, minds, and spirits. By the end of this series, your kids will discover how to unleash their own superpower!


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Our Review

“Super Dynamos” is a Super thought by a Super mother Mrs. Pamela Power


How many times has your child turned their nose up at dinner? Don’t you wish someone would tell them exactly how nutritious the vegetables and fruits are? Do you worry about your child eating too much junk? Do you wish you could make a good old home cooked food more exciting and appealing? Fret not, Pamela Power has answers to all your food and health woes.

The Super Dynamos

The Super Dynamos Fuel Up! Max’s Transformation Begins written by Pamela Power is a fun children’s story with educational elements woven throughout it. I loved how the story encourages kids to identify their unique superpowers through the help of a young hero named Max Power. The Super Dynamos follows a story of Max who doesn’t know he’s an extraordinary child. His healthy food habits grab the eye of two superheroes, Robusto Boy and Gusto Girl. Max is astonished when they appear with a challenge to go along with them set for saving the world from Junker, a villain who traps kids into settling on decisions that shield them from feeling like their most super selves and crush their spirits to make them lazy and powerless. Robusto Boy and Gusto Girl trust Max has what it takes to enable them to save the world. When Max encounters Junker, will he demonstrate that he’s the person who can save the earth into becoming a joyless and unhealthy place?

The Super Dynamos by Pamela PowerSuch joy kept building as I tore through the first reading. Could not stop reading. I had to know what was going to happen next. A great snappy pace. Loved the way the author sharply, quickly, hooked the reader into wanting to know more in three lines. Unfolding all the interesting characters, Abby’s problems, fantasy embedded in a realistic setting-quite remarkable. Laughed out loud at the funny tactics of Junker to distract the kids to eat junk food! Loved, loved, loved them all! I felt fulfilled with gained knowledge as a reader. Nice additional gift from the author. Not a drop of the waste of reader’s engagement with deepening satisfaction. Moreover, this book empowers children and families to reach their full potential by having the energy and good health needed to accomplish their life goals.  We are sure this wonderful book will help kids and parents all around the world to become more knowledgeable about nutrition and enable children to make healthy choices every day.

This book will definitely inspire kids to eat healthily, they’ll likewise start to esteem their bodies, psyches, and spirits. Before the end of this story, your kids will find how to identify their own particular superpower!

Final Verdict

Complete with an exciting story, fun illustrations, and a wonderful message, Super Dynamos is a must-buy for every parent. The book throws a light on healthy eating patterns especially for this generation’s kid’s n teens who are addicted to junk.

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Pamela was kind enough to join us on the ReadingWithYourKids Podcast to answer some questions about her book and share some interesting facts about health and wellness. Click the play button below to check out Pamela Power’s appearance on the podcast!

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