Vera Harris says there’s “A Bee on My Bike”

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An Interview with Vera Harris, author of A Bee on My Bike

Hey everyone! Here at Reading with Your Kids, We’re always on the hunt for a potential great read for your family, So you can imagine how excited w are about A Bee on My Bike written by Vera Harris. This book is Vera Harris’s third self-published children’s book which has easy sight words that will help to increase children’s confidence that may struggle with reading. This book was written to entertain, enlighten and encourage young readers to enjoy the art of reading.

In our exciting interview with Vera, She discusses A Bee on My Bike, Her love for creating fun-filled stories that captivate the hearts of little kids, Her journey from serving for the U. S. Army to writing her first children’s book, What’s next for Vera, some interesting facts about her book and much more. So grab your cup of coffee and lets get started!


Here’s more information about Vera Harris

Children's Book in TexasVera Harris, called “Sister” by her family, enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, reading, listening to various types of music, and working in her church. After retiring from the U. S. Army, a deployment that included eighteen months in Iraq, Vera now lives in East Texas and was inspired by her grandson to write her first children’s book. She is currently working on her fourth (4th) book, ” Monica and Michelle: Military Brats” to be released in 2018.

You can take a look at Vera’s books at the Dallas Public Library Dallas, Texas, Ellen Brooks West Memorial Library of Forney, Texas, Some Savanna, Georgia Schools, Various Elementary Schools in East, Texas, Houston, Texas Elementary Schools, and South Carolina School Libraries.


More about A Bee on My Bike


While visiting his grandmother’ on a summer school break, a young boy’ discovers the wonders of being young and the wisdom that life can bring.

Here is the link to buy your copy of A Bee on my Bike


In this episode, we discuss

  • More about Children’s Author Vera Harris and her picture book A Bee on My Bike
  • What makes her book unique and her inspirations for her book
  • Her life experience as a combat veteran in the U.S. Army and some of the challenges she faced and some of the important life lessons learned
  • What was it like  for Vera to write her first children’s book and If she has always been a writer and storyteller?
  • What is Vera currently working on, other children’s books written by her and much more…Be sure to tune in to this insightful episode!


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Where can you find Vera on the internet?

Her website:

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @vharris5413




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