A. Blob on a Bus by L.A. Kefalos – A Picture Book That Addresses Bullying!

A. Blob on a Bus by L.A. Kefalos – A Picture Book That Addresses Bullying! post thumbnail image

Jedlie In Conversation with LA Kefalos, author of This is A. Blob & A. Blob on a Bus

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Today on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, we’re talking about the importance of teaching your kids to stand up to bullies. When we were drumming up ideas for who to have on the podcast for this episode, We knew one thing for sure: We wanted to talk to L.A. Kefalos.

We are so proud to introduce A. Blob on a Bus written by L.A. Kefalos. It’s a wonderful resource to teachers, parents, and leaders who are looking to start conversations about bullying, empathy, and kindness.

Tune in to learn more about A.Blob on a Bus, a book with beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse that explores the issue of bullying from the perspective of the bystander, asking young readers “What would you do?” and empowering them to help make their community a better place!


About L.A. Kefalos

L. A. (Lori) KefalosL. A. (Lori) Kefalos, author of This is A. Blob, is no stranger to writing stories to entertain little folks. While This is A. Blob is her first picture book, Lori has created several animated shorts, including Who’s That Knocking; Chug; and Crocs, Pots, and Wildebeests, which screened at the 2010 Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Independent Short Short in the ages 5-8 category at the 2009 Kid’s First Film Festival.
With a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Lori uses the left side of her brain working as an electrical controls engineer in plants around the world. When she returns to her apartment in the U.S., the right side of her brain thanks the left side for paying the bills and providing her a warm and comfortable apartment where she can write more children’s stories.

Finally, Where Can We Find L. A. (Lori) Kefalos Online?



A. Blob on a Bus

A. Blob on a Bus by LA KefalosTrapped inside a bus with a bullying pile of goo, what will the kids of Lincoln Elementary School do? The sticky, purple bully, A. Blob, is back in this masterfully illustrated follow-up to This is A. Blob, and it seems it still hasn’t learned that being mean won’t make friends stick. As A. Blob pokes, prods, and pesters, it appears the children will never be able to ride the bus in peace; that is, until one brave girl decides to take a stand. Suitable for children ages 4-8, this picture book encourages readers to take action against bullying and shows how one act of bravery can change everything–maybe even A. Blob. Each book comes with a FREE material discussion guide for parents and teachers. This resource is filled with age-appropriate discussion questions, lesson plans, and fun crafts to help young readers strengthen social-emotional skills, build empathy, and become upstanders!


A. Blob on a Bus is now available for purchase on Amazon.com. With each purchase, you also receive a FREE download of the accompanying material discussion guide with lesson plans, craft, and discussion questions to guide conversations and help young readers learn to be upstanders.



A huge thank you to L.A. Kefalos for joining us and for sharing her fun little book with us!



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