Astra the Lonely Airplane by Julie Whitney: #RWYK Certified Great Read

Astra the Lonely Airplane by Julie Whitney: #RWYK Certified Great Read post thumbnail image

Astra the Lonely Airplane by Julie Whitney: #RWYK Certified Great Read

Congratulations to Julie Whitney!

Astra the Lonely Airplane is our latest Certified great Read!



Astra The Lonely Airplane by Julie Whitney

Astra The Lonely AirplaneAstra is a sleek, shiny airplane that loves to go flying with her best friend, Captain Dan. But when Astra and Dan suddenly find themselves out of a job, Astra must wait in her lonely hangar for a new owner to come along and give them somewhere to go! As the weeks turn into months and the right buyer still doesn’t appear, Astra begins to wonder: Will she ever get to fly again?

Astra the Lonely Airplane, the first rhyming picture book in the Astra series, is appropriate for young K-5 readers and also for preschoolers, who will enjoy memorizing the rhyming verse. The book includes an educational glossary of plane terminologies and interesting facts, as well as a three-minute video via a QR Code in the book that children can scan to see a tour of the real Astra given by the real Captain Dan. This book teaches children about planes, math, and geography, and about overcoming adversity in challenging times and embracing new circumstances that may occur in their lives, such as a move to a new city. Astra the Lonely Airplane will leave readers wondering what will happen to Astra after she lands in her new home. Stay tuned for the second installment in the Astra series!

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About the Author

Julie WhitneyJulie Whitney is a public relations professional with forty years of experience
in public relations and marketing, having worked on both the agency and client-side as well as in the television industry. Her company, Phillippi-Whitney Communications, LLC, founded in 2000, represents both large and small clients in a wide variety of industries. She has promoted dozens of authors throughout her career, often supplementing the efforts of the internal PR teams of their publishers.


Connect with Julie on her website at



Children are always fascinated by Airplanes as they capture their attention from a young age. Our latest certified great read, Astra the Lonely Airplane by Julie Whitney is a wonderful picture book written in rhyming verses that introduce young kids to Astra, a sleek, beautiful, shiny luxury jet with a big personality. Astra loves to fly and to take its passengers on wonderful flying adventures along with her kind and caring human companion, Captain Dan. Astra’s life is turned upside down when she finds out that she will be sold and that she will have to spend a few days all alone in her hangar until she has a new buyer. What does Astra have in her fate? Will she ever fly again? grab your copy today to find out!

Astra the Lonely Airplane not only teaches kids about planes and geography, but also educates them about overcoming hardship, adversity, and embracing new circumstances that may occur in their lives. The text is simple and easy to understand, and the illustrations are engaging and full of details to help bring the concepts to life for kids. It is sure to please young readers that love to fly or search for planes in the sky.

With a variety of life lessons to learn, kids can discover what flying an airplane experience is like, they can learn also about plane terminologies and interesting facts about Astra including a bit of geography. Additionally, kids can enjoy amazing airplane adventures. And as a bonus, the book comes with a 3-minute video of an up-close and personal tour of Astra with the real Captain Dan via a QR Code that readers may scan located inside the book. Astra’s story will continue in books two and three.



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