Bee-Coming Strong by Anandamayi Baker: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Bee-Coming Strong by Anandamayi Baker: #RWYK Certified Great Read–Book Review

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Congratulations to Anandamayi Baker!

Bee-Coming Strong is our latest Certified Great Read!


"Bee-Coming Strong" by Anandamayi Baker FREE-SPIRITED JAZIANZZA has a problem.

She’s got a corkscrew antenna and must wear big glasses. Will she always feel awkward in her hive? Will the wisdom of MamaQueenzieBee and her friend Tree be able to help her know that she is important just as she is, or will she forever have a sense that she is out of place?

“ULTIMATELY JAZIANZZA BEGINS to understand the invaluable lesson that it is only by being her true self that she can really connect with others and all of nature. Jazianzza’s story can encourage children to value themselves, connect with others, enjoy nature, and engage life, obstacles and all, with courage and kindness. Anandamayi Baker, Jazianzza’s translator, has given us a lovely gift by sharing Jazianzza’s story for the benefit of humankind.”

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About the author

"Bee-Coming Strong" by Anandamayi Baker I am a lover of nature whose amazing childhood experiences with bees, butterflies, trees, and flowers were instrumental in getting me through the rocky environment of my early years. Through my long-time practice of yoga, I overcame my own corkscrew antenna and big glasses to lead a happy, healthy life. My desire to help children learn tools to become calmer, kinder, and gain greater self-esteem as well as connect more deeply to nature led me to write Jazianzza’s story. You can search my name and join our hive’s monthly newsletter for all things bees, mindfulness, inclusivity, and plain old fun!

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Bee-Coming Strong” by Anandamayi Baker is a delightful children’s book that weaves a heartwarming story of Jazianzza Azzaza Buzzabee, a young honey bee navigating the challenges of bullies, self-confidence, and inner peace. This illustrated gem captivates young readers with its engaging narrative and vibrant illustrations by Akiko Martinache.

The story revolves around Jazianzza, a compassionate honeybee who cares deeply for all creatures, including her new friend Lydah, a butterfly recovering from a frightening encounter with a hornet. The narrative beautifully addresses the dwindling number of flowers for the hive and introduces the bullying dynamics faced by Jazianzza from her sister Sisizza and her gang.

The guiding light in Jazianzza’s journey is MamaQueenzieBee (MamaQB), who imparts valuable life lessons to the young bee. The storytelling masterfully introduces relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation, offering young readers practical ways to manage stress and build self-confidence.

Bee-Coming Strong" by Anandamayi Baker One of the book’s highlights is MamaQB’s wisdom: “Shake off any sadness you feel. Shake off anything that isn’t you. Be Jazianzza in your beautiful way.” This empowering message resonates throughout the story and provides an excellent foundation for discussions on self-expression and individuality.

As Jazianzza learns breathing techniques through a pollen ball on her stomach, the narrative seamlessly integrates these methods, making the story entertaining and educational. The author skillfully introduces these concepts, encouraging young readers to try Jazianzza’s methods themselves.

The color illustrations by Martinache complement the narrative perfectly, adding a whimsical and captivating element to the story. Jazianzza’s childlike wonder is beautifully captured, creating moments that will surely elicit giggles from young readers.

The climax of the story, where Jazianzza faces a hornet’s nest to save her hive, adds an exciting and empowering twist. The tale entertains and delivers essential messages on approaching bullying and believing in oneself. And it’s not just us who adore Be Coming Strong. According to Kirkus Reviews, “A honey bee learns to navigate bullies, build self-confidence, and foster inner peace in this illustrated children’s book.”

In conclusion, “ Bee-Coming Strong” is a must-read for young audiences and their parents or guardians. It provides a compelling introduction to relaxation techniques, addresses meaningful issues such as bullying, and instills the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness. This enchanting story is valuable to children’s literature, fostering entertainment and personal growth.




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