Bentley and the Magic Sticks: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Bentley and the Magic Sticks by Claire Eckard: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

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It’s time again to celebrate a brand NEW ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read! Get ready to be inspired by a sweet little picture book Bentley and the Magic Sticks written by Claire Eckard and illustrated by Anne York.

We had a super time reading Claire’s fun book and we think it is written to entertain, enlighten and encourage young readers to enjoy the art of reading and we hope your family enjoys reading it as much as we did!



Bentley and the Magic Sticks by Claire EckardBentley and the Magic Sticks follows this extra-large canine as he finds out that his favorite sticks have magical powers, thanks to a wonderful Fairy Dogmother called Tia! Because other dogs are afraid of his large size Bentley has no one to play with. However, with his magic sticks, he manages to make new friends and he also discovers the special secret of why he is so big.

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More about the author

Claire EckardClaire Eckard combines her love of writing with her passion for animals to create memorable children’s books that are fun to read, but also include valuable life lessons. Claire grew up in England and moved to Hawaii in her early twenties where she married her husband of thirty-four years. Together they raised two sons, Mitchell and Matthew. Claire is inspired by her two Granddaughters Mila and Ella, as well as the beautiful backdrop of the Arizona mountains where she lives. Claire has a farm full of animals and has spent many years as a board member and volunteer at her local animal shelter.



Here Is Our Review

Bentley and the Magic Sticks written by Claire Eckard is an entertaining and beautifully illustrated children’s book with a great message for kids (and in some cases their parents)

Bentley, a large-sized dog has no friends because other dogs are afraid of his huge body. Bentley longs for a friend to play with. His wish comes true when the fairy Dogmother called ‘Tia’ uses her magical power to create another dog out of Bentley’s sticks. Bentley can’t believe that he finally has someone to call his friend. In an overwhelming turn of events, Bentley loses his friend and this makes him realize his special skills and the reason for his existence. With his positive attitude and his newly magical sticks, Bentley is able to make new friends and discover his place.

The illustrations are adorable and they bring the story and the characters alive. It is a cute book for bedtime storytelling and can be used in classrooms and school libraries for storytelling and read-aloud sessions. Light-hearted stories like this are good for children and will put a smile on their faces. Bentley will definitely find its way into the hearts of young readers with his kind behavior. Throughout this well-written children’s book, there are excellent illustrations that are perfect for younger children to strengthen their observational skills


The book proudly reminds children and adults how friendships can grow when minds and hearts are open to others who may look or seem “different”. It may be their hairstyle, skin color, clothing, body shape, mental or physical ability.  This book celebrates inclusion and diversity in friendship. Your friends/families don’t always have to look the same as you or I do. A timeless message which is increasingly relevant. It promotes themes of loneliness, friendship, and kindness.


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