Captain Fingerman The Boring Galaxy: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Captain Fingerman The Boring Galaxy by Matteo and Mauro Moro: #RWYK Certified Great Read –  Book Review

Congratulations to Matteo and Mauro Moro!

Captain Fingerman: The Boring Galaxy: 1 is our latest Certified great Read!



Captain Fingerman: The Boring Galaxy: 1

Captain Fingerman: The Boring GalaxyBelieve it or not, this book is about boredom. Yup, you read it right – BOREDOM! Do you usually feel bored? Then this book is FOR YOU! In The Boring Galaxy, Captain Fingerman takes an explorative mission through duh, the Boring Galaxy, of course! As captain of the Banana Star, and accompanied by his brilliant A.I. friend, B.I.R.I., Captain Fingerman discovers how to reformulate all that’s boring: showers, queues, books, and whatever! So join us, and you’ll find that BORING can be FUN and EXCITING when you let yourself be guided by your IMAGINATION! No kidding! And psst…! Captain Fingerman is super dorky, so BEWARE! Like really, really BEWARE! Over and out!


About the Author

Mauro Moro is an Italian architect who graduated with a degree in architecture in Venice in 2002 and subsequently earned a Master of Science in Lisbon. Mauro has collaborated with several international studios, working actively as a team leader for the production of original and innovative ideas. Beyond his professional life, Mauro is a talented artist, illustrator, urban sketcher, and creative thinker. He uses his drawings as powerful tools to communicate ideas and visions, as well as to convey the stories he creates with his son, Matteo. Mauro believes design is a way to make our world more beautiful, exciting, and balanced. He aims to go beyond the limits, to explore design holistically, and, above all to motivate, inspire and lead people!
Visit their website to learn more about this family’s labor of love. Find more at and Matteo’s author page (


Captain Fingerman The Boring Galaxy is a great graphic novel created by father-son duo Matteo and Mauro Moro. The book offers a perfect balance of humor, quirkiness, and a great storyline for kids who’s ever been mind-numbingly bored.  This smart, laugh-out-loud book just might change your perspective on the state of boredom forever. The comic-style format makes it a great choice for kids who are not yet committed readers, and they are also great fun for those who just love good stories.

The book follows Captain Fingerman and his A.I. friend B.I.R.I. on adventures that take place far beyond Earth in the boring galaxy. BASA (Banana Aerodynamics and Space Administration)intercepted a signal from an unidentified object. Captain Fingerman is sent via banana spacecraft on a special mission to explore, identify and evaluate the object with the
purpose of minimizing any risks or threats. Flip through pages full of spaceship mysteries and creepy aliens just trying to get by. This book has it all. But when captain Fingerman is confronted with new problems, he realizes that the most important mission of all is to turn boring things into something fun and exciting. So wear your spacesuits and join Captain Fingerman as he embarks on his mission to explore the boring galaxy. Leave the boredom behind and get ready to turn up the Fun-o-Meter to the max!

Final Verdict

With startlingly beautiful words and pictures, Captain Fingerman The Boring Galaxy will spur imagination and a break from boredom or screen time. A fantastic book to add to home and classroom libraries to spur children’s exploration—both in the natural world and within



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