Dancing In My Shoes

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Dancing In My Shoes

Author Interview with Lashandra Hall

It’s OK to be different. It’s OK to be sweet. Join Rose as she shares why she’s so unique!

In this episode of Reading With Your Kids Podcast, we welcome Lashandra Hall, author of newly released children’s book Dancing In My Shoes. Lashandra is a short-story author, poet, and award winning novelist. She is the author of Beauty is Pain, She and I,The Days After, and She and I:The Climax. The Days After was inserted in the Aldine School District’s D.E.A.R. ( Drop Everything And Read ) program in 2011. After the release of her novel She and I Lashandra received congressional recognition from elected officials Sheila Jackson Lee and Mayor Anise Parker. She was honoured in the local newspaper and awarded the “Woman of the Year” award for her diligence as an Author and hard work in the community.

Dancing in my shoes is a cute, rhyming story about a girl who wants to dance over everything else. She dances while her friends are playing outside. They watch her through the window and they are amazed. To be very good at something you must start young and you must be dedicated. This story shows that dedication. The images are cute and colourful and really bring the story to life.

Listen to this episode as Lashandra talks about Dancing In My Shoes. She discusses writing Children’s books, Who & What inspires her to write, her favourite children’s book, what’s next for Lashandra Hall and much more! Be sure to listen & enjoy!

Learn more about Lashandra and her other projects at http://www.lashandrahall.com


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