Dolphins in Trees: A Children’s Book with Implications for All of Us

Meet Aaron L. Polansky, an educator, speaker, & author of Dolphins in Trees & Beyond Us

Aaron Polansky

Hey everyone, welcome back to yet another fun-filled episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast.

Please welcome the guest, Aaron Polansky on the show!

Aaron is an unorthodox leader and entertainer with a passion for life. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride as Aaron brings his message to life with an ‘Authentricity’ you’ve never seen, heard or felt before. Aaron will captivate your audience with active analogies and his ‘direct speak’. Aaron has dedicated his life to inspiring positive change with a simplified formula designed to ‘pay it forward’ and transform culture.

In our exciting interview, Aaron talks about his first book Dolphins in Trees that have been used to guide leadership teams, school systems, cultural expectations, and family values throughout the country and internationally. His second book, Beyond Us: A True Story with Implications for All of Us, was released in July of 2019. Beyond Us embraces vulnerability, encourages connection, and encapsulates the beauty in celebrating our differences. It is a courageous testament to the power of moving beyond fear to a place of authenticity, kindness, and love.


Dolphins in Trees: A Children’s Book with Implications for All of Us

Dolphins in Trees: A Children's Book with Implications for All of Us“Dr. Seuss meets Tony Robbins,” Dolphins in Trees is a story about kindness, belief, love, choices, and the potential in all of us to make a difference in the world of others. Mindful and Dizzy teach us that it’s our decisions, not our conditions, that determine our destiny.

Dolphins in Trees is a must-read in the genre of social-emotional learning with incredible jumping off points for meaningful discussion with readers of all ages. Author and educator Aaron Polansky believe that everything that happens in our lives happens first between our ears–and then between our hours. He speaks with students and educators across the country sharing the message: Love who you are. Love what you do. Help others do the same.

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Interview Talking Points & Questions:

  • Introduction to Dolphins in Trees: A Children’s Book with Implications for All of Us  (02:40)
  • Picture books have serious messages for kids as well as for adults. Do you agree? (04:20)
  • Please talk about the story of your book. and the message of Love who you are. Love what you do. Help others do the same. (05:30)
  • “Destruction is casual. Construction requires intention.” (11:45) 
  • In today’s education system, there is pressure to fit every kid into one box so where did you get this wisdom of encouraging students to take risks and move beyond their comfort zone and do what they love? (14:30)
  • Dolphins in Trees is not your only book. Tell us about your other book titled “Beyond Us: A True Story with Implications for All of Us”  (23:15)


A big Thank You to Aaron Polansky for joining us. Thank you, Aaron for talking to us and for sharing your passion for writing with our listeners!


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