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MEET Joy Heyer, Debut Author & Illustrator of Duck, Duck, Moose

Looking for a picture book about friendship?  Look no further, we’re delighted to introduce you to  Duck, Duck, Moose, a children’s picture book written by Joy Heyer that teaches about having more than one friend.

To learn more about the inspiration and hard work that went into Duck, Duck, Moose, we reached out to Joy for an interview. Tune in as Joy talks about writing this wonderful story with beautiful and charming illustrations.  Tune in now to learn more about this fun story of friendship and problem solving that will appeal to children and adults!


More about Duck, Duck, Moose

Duck, Duck, Moose

Duck’s best friend Goose is gone for winter and Duck is lonely. The animals try to cheer Duck, but Duck, Duck, Pig is too messy, and Duck, Duck, Moose is too scary. Will Duck be alone until Goose gets back? Or can Duck come up with a game they all can play?

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About Joy Heyer



In this episode, you’ll find out

  • More about Joy’s first children’s book Duck, Duck, Moose, introduction to the main characters & storyline
  • What inspired Joy to use animals in her book and feature such an unusual take on a child’s game?
  • How long has Joy been writing for kids and why did she choose to write children’s picture books?
  • Jed and Joy discuss the importance of teaching children to have more than one friend.
  • What kind of message does she want readers to take away from her books?
  • What is Joy currently working on, upcoming projects and much more.


Thank you, Joy for joining us and for sharing your wonderful book with us! Best of luck with Duck, Duck, Moose and your future writing!


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