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Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood!

By Varsha Bajaj
Review By Fatima Khan, Associate Producer, ReadingWithYourKids.com

I loved this book!!! This book is about 13 year old Abby Spencer wanting to know the history of her unknown dad. She realizes something about her father that could change her life. An allergic reaction to coconut convinces Abby’s mom, Meredith, that she should contact abby’s dad, who returned to India after their college affair. She wrote to tell him she was pregnant, but he never answered. She later learned he’d become a Bollywood star and never told Abby. Read More…

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Sofia’s Dream

Written by Land Wilson, Illustrated by Sue Cornelison
Reviewed by Fatima Khan, Associate Producer, ReadingWithYourKids.com

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I enjoyed Sofia’s Dream and its message about caring for Earth. The illustrations are beautiful and author has used rhyming words to make it sound more interesting to kids. It is a great story parents can use to teaching kids how we can take care of Mother Earth. I would recommend this book to kids who are 7 year old and up. Read more…

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