If I Had a Giant Toe by Jill D. Clark: #RWYK Certified Great Read!

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#RWYK Great Read #Review – If I Had a Giant Toe by Jill D. Clark, Illustrated by Lynda Farrington Wilson 

5 stars

Drumroll, please!!

If I Had a Giant Toe by Jill D. Clark has been named our brand NEW Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Read!

If I Had a Giant Toe by Jill D. Clark

At some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted to be something (or maybe someone) different. Whether it’s having different color eyes, a different complexion, a different shaped nose or something else—it seems that, from the moment we’re born, we imagine what our lives would be like “if only…”

The truth is, there aren’t many children’s books that address this part of our daily insecurities—at least not well, or in a way that captures the imagination and wonderment of a child. That’s why the award-winning writer and author Jill D. Clark created The Extra Part Series—a poetic, whimsical, playful, laugh out loud children’s series that gives you a glimpse into the imagination of a child who—for a moment—thinks about what life would be like with an extra body part.

We’re MEGA excited to share this whimsical rhyming picture book with our readers! If I had a Giant Toe is all about self-esteem and celebrates individuality, acceptance and being yourself. This book is guaranteed to entertain your child and at the same time will help you to raise kind, happy and confident individuals.


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

If I Had a Giant Toe: A Children’s Book About Self-Esteem by Jill D. ClarkIf I Had a Giant Toe: A Children's Book About Self-Esteem

Travel alongside the imaginative little girl in this silly, whimsical, poetic, laugh out loud children’s book as she considers the what ifs.

What if I had a giant toe? Would I swing like a monkey in a zoo? Jump higher than a kangaroo? Outswim a dolphin in a pool? Or outrun all the kids at school? Would that little piggy go to the market (or eat roast beef)? Would my socks still fit?

In the end, I’m glad I’m me,
the way that I was made to be.

But we are all unique, you see,
from giant toes to ten or three,
eleven, eight, or five or none–
We’re perfect! Each and every one!

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Learn more about Jill D. Clark

Jill is a God-fearing, outdoor-loving, Netflix-binging, friend and family-obsessed parent of twins, Noah and Eleanor. She is married to her fabulous husband, Brent, and together they live in St. Louis, Missouri, with said goofball twins.

 Jill Clark, author of If I Had Eleven Toes

Jill has been writing professionally for nearly 10 years. She has a Ph.D. in religion and social change with an emphasis on media studies, and she originally started her career as a college professor. But, the game of life (and marriage) quickly took her into the world of marketing and communications and speechwriting in both the higher education and the JK-12 sectors. Currently, she serves as the Chief Storyteller at MICDS, an independent JK-12 school in St. Louis, Missouri. People think her job sounds really cool. And guess what—it is! She has been doing—and loving—it ever since.

 Jill’s writing has appeared in chapter books, edited volumes, journals, magazines, and blogs. In addition, she has written hundreds of speeches for presidents, heads, and administrators of educational institutions. She has received a few awards for her work, including a GOLD InspirED Brilliance award for the best private school digital magazine. All of her writing relates in some way to education.


Where to find more info about Jill Clark and her work:

Website: https://www.authorjillclark.com/

Connect with Jill on Social Media 

Twitter    Facebook    Instagram

Our Review

A truly beautiful and virtually perfect children’s book

What a beautiful way to encourage kids to love and accept themselves for who they are! If I Had a Giant Toe by Jill D. Clark definitely gets complete 5 stars for giving out such a powerful message with a simple and engaging rhyming picture book for little ones. With beautiful illustrations and a beautiful message, it certainly deserves the title of the Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Read!

If I Had a Giant Toe is one of the best — if not THE best — children’s books we’ve ever read. (And we’ve read many by now.) This one excels in every aspect:

1. Promotes Creative Imagination – It motivates young children to envision what life could resemble with a giant toe. Also, there are so many silly scenarios that happen in the book that is guaranteed to take any kid on a whimsical journey of imagination and make them laugh and chuckle! The silly scenario includes a little girl imagining how her day to day life would be if she had a giant extra toe? Would she swing like a monkey in a zoo? Jump higher than a kangaroo? Would her socks and shoes still fit? Would that toe eat roast beef, or not?  In the end, the character realizes, “I’m happy I’m exactly me!”

2. Beautifully Written in a Rhyming Style – Rhyming is so important for children to understand and play with language. And, If I Had a Giant Toe is a great picture book that paints wonderful word pictures, with illustrations that jump off the page, and rhyme and meter that swings the story along. The rhymes and prose flow seamlessly. It’s lovely to both read and listen to.

3. The illustrations Are Stunning –  The pictures are vivid, colorful, and engaging. We’ve read the book dozens of times by now, and we’ll still often notice some new little detail.

4. Powerful Message Embedded in a Funny Story – Girls and boys are self-conscious about a lot of different parts of their bodies, from their weights to their heights to their skin colors. If I had a Giant Toe helps kids to accept their differences and the differences of those around them. With colorful pictures, rhymes and a great storyline, this book promotes positive body image, self-esteem and shares a healthy message about loving and liking yourself for who you are. It is a perfect read to inject a little confidence and feel-good vibes into story time at your house.

Thank you for this amazing contribution to kidlit, Jill Clark!

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