It’s Time to Meet Itty Bitty and her Nana!!

It’s Time to Meet Itty Bitty and her Nana!! post thumbnail image


An Interview with Victoria Martin, the RWYK Certified Great Read Author of Itty Bitty Series

Happy Tuesday everyone!

If you have been listening to our podcast, you may remember Itty Bitty Wouldn’t Budge by Victoria Martin being named a ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read.

Victoria is joining us to talk about her picture books in the Itty Bitty Series, What inspired her to write and what makes her book unique. Tune in to find out!

Victoria’s book is a delightful little story about a beautiful and very large Newfoundland dog named Itty Bitty, who lives with her owner, Nana. It’s a cute book for bedtime storytelling and can be used in classrooms and school libraries for storytelling and read aloud sessions. Read our complete review by clicking on the link below:

Itty Bitty Wouldn’t Budge: #RWYK Great Read Certified

We also have a very special young guest from Croatia, who is going to tell us about her favorite kid’s book and why she likes it so much. You do not want to miss out o this episode!

Learn more about Victoria Martin

Victoria Martin

Victoria Martin and her family have been the proud and happy owners of many dogs of every mixed breed for as long as she can remember. Nana and Itty Bitty hold a very special place in her heart and this book is a tribute to them. In support of dogs and their best friends everywhere, a portion of the author’s proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Itty Bitty Wouldn’t Budge by Victoria Martin

Itty Bitty Wouldn't Budge

It was a beautiful, sunny and warm spring day. Itty Bitty, a very large Newfoundland dog, and Nana, her owner, set off on a long walk through their hometown of Maplewood. But when it was time to head back home, Nana was ready and Itty Bitty, well, she had another idea…



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In this episode, You’ll discover

  • Introduction to Victoria’s picture books Itty Bitty Series
  • Who and what inspired Victoria to write this book?
  • What kind of discussion families can have after reading Victoria’s books?
  • What kind of reactions has she been getting from young readers?
  • Why did Victoria decide to keep the ending of both her books exactly the same?
  • What is Victoria currently working on, a message she would like to share with their readers?
  • A young reviewer from Croatia tells us about her favorite kid’s book titled A to Z Mysteries: The Jaguar’s Jewel


Where can you find Victoria on the internet?



A big thank you to Victoria for joining us and for sharing her books & her passion with us!


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