Join the Adventures of “The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim”

Join the Adventures of “The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim” post thumbnail image

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Reading with Your Kids Interview with Paolo Mazzucato – Author, Illustrator, Novelist, Screenwriter

Happy Tuesday listeners!!

Get ready for another exciting episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast! We’re elated to introduce ya’ll to Paolo Mazzucato, an author, playwright, and screenwriter.

He received a Bachelors degree in film from Northwestern University and a Masters in Motion Picture Producing from the University of Southern California. He has scripted various projects for film and television.


Paolo MazzucatoBetween 2004 and 2013, he taught mini seminars in story structure and character development to elementary school students (2nd through 5th Grade). He has written collections of short stories and poetry and is the author/illustrator of the children’s books “Dream of the Rainbow Unicorn” and “No One Mocks a Panda” in addition to his middle-grade fantasy novel, “The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim.”

Connect with Paolo Mazzucato

Paolo Mazzucato’s Website




Be sure to tune in as Jed interviews Paolo Mazzucato about his brand new middle-grade fantasy The Gondoliers – The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim!

Listen in to join the adventures of a young treasure hunter in turn-of-the-century Venice, Italy, joins a mysterious guild of gondoliers to thwart a plot that threatens to destroy the city!


Learn more about “The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim”

The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim by 15-year-old Fantina arrives in turn-of-the-century Venice, Italy, in search of fortune and glory and a place to call home after the recent death of her father.  What she finds, however, is a fanciful world beyond her imagination. With each magical sundown, a glimmering power rises, and Leo, the winged lion of Venice, wakes to lead the secret guild of Gondoliers in defending the city from harm.

But a sinister plot to destroy Venice and steal the hidden treasure of Marco Polo is afoot, and Fantina must join with the Gondoliers and harness the unseen power of Glim to discover her own inner strength and fight the dark forces now awakened in the night.

With elements of Italian folklore, steampunk fantasy and a touch of Venetian history, The Gondoliers will welcome young readers into an enchanting new world of wondrous adventure.

The Gondoliers – The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim is now available on Amazon!


In this episode, You’ll hear

  • Introduction to Paolo Mazzucato, an author, playwright, and screenwriter.
  • His brand NEW middle-grade fantasy novel The Gondoliers – The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim
  • What compelled Paolo to write this book?
  • What sparked his interest in writing for a middle-grade audience?
  • Some of the important benefits of reading together with your kids
  • What kind of reactions Paolo has been getting for his book?
  • What’s next? What projects is Paolo currently working on?


A big thank you to Paolo Mazzucato for sharing his wonderful book with us and for joining us on the Reading with your kids podcast!


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  stay tuned!

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