Join us in celebration for 2019 World Autism Awareness Day!

Join us in celebration for 2019 World Autism Awareness Day! post thumbnail image


RWYK Podcast Interview: World Autism Awareness Day with Sherry Howard

Hello RWYK Family! It’s a very special episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast!

On this World Autism Awareness Day,  we at the Reading with Your Kids podcast is thrilled to welcome back our RWYK certified great read author of Rock and Roll Woods, Sherry Howard!

Help shine the light! On World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, 2019, join the world with a blue light. By shining a light, we can all help those children (and adults) with autism gain awareness, understanding, and support. Then education, collaboration, and acceptance can follow

Sherry is joining us today to celebrate the World Autism Awareness day by raising public awareness of autism by discussing ways to enable children with disabilities to exercise their rights and freedoms. Jed and Sherry also promote autism acceptance and discuss to draw attention to the tens of thousands facing an autism diagnosis each year.



More about the author

Sherry HowardSherry Howard lives with her children and crazy dogs in Middletown, Kentucky, a stone’s throw from the beautiful horse farms Kentucky is always bragging about. Sherry was a teacher, consultant, author, and principal in one of the largest urban/ suburban school districts in America. Her poems and stories appear in multiple journals and anthologies. She loves to write for children and has written for all ages. An educator by trade, she’s a writer by choice and enjoys both prose and poetry. Her busy household is two dancing bears short of a zoo, but she still finds time to write.

You can discover more about Sherry Howard and her books by visiting

Her website:


To learn more about the 2019 World Autism Awareness Day, please visit

To Learn more about Temple Grandin and her inspiring story:


There’s also a fabulous picture of her story if you have a young child:

Here are a few links that might get you started with finding books about specific needs:


Learn more about “Rock and Roll Woods”

An appealing, rollicking, and heart-warming read, with an important message in this compelling story of a bear’s struggles with the world around him. 

Rock and Roll WoodsKuda is a bit of a grump who doesn’t like change. So when he wakes up to find new neighbors and loud, strange noises in his woods, he is not happy. Will his desire to be with his friends overcome his objections to loud sounds? And might Kuda’s courage help him discover that new things and rock and roll music can be pretty great? Featuring helpful backmatter about Sensory Integration and insider jokes for parents with autistic kids.

Visit Amazon to check out the book, read reviews and buy your own copy!



In this episode, 

  • Sherry Howard talks about World Autism Awareness Day
  • She tells us if people understand what autism is
  • Sherry describes behaviours  to be aware of, the challenges an autistic child may face
  • Some of the systematic observation of play behaviour in autistic children
  • How can parents help our kids understand the challenges that autistic young children may face
  • Children on the autism spectrum can have a range of communication difficulties.  Sherry shares some ways you can help:
  • Some of the amazing resources available on Sherry’s website for teachers and educators to help kids with Sensory Processing Disorder
  • What’s next in the pipeline for Sherry Howard & more…Happy Listening!



A big thank you to Sherry Howard for joining us and for sharing her wonderful insights with us!


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Hope you have a wonderful day!


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