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Just Imagine a More Beautiful World by Christine McDonald: #RWYK Certified Great Read–Book Review


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Congratulations to Christine McDonald!

Just Imagine a More Beautiful World is our latest certified great read!




Vibrant picture book about the first day of school describes a beautiful world where everyone feels they belong.

Just Imagine a More Beautiful WorldFeeling that you belong and that the world around you is comforting and safe is important in a child’s social emotional development. And there’s no time like the first day of school to have a child question these feelings. With her vibrant and positive picture book, Just Imagine a More Beautiful World, poet and author Christine McDonald brings young readers a story that celebrates new experiences and the beauty of the world around us.

The playful story involves a thought-provoking classroom assignment given to young students on their first day of school by their teacher, Mrs. Burns. The task is for each child to make their own world, where everyone belongs, using cardboard and all the colors of the rainbow-and to make sure there is a door so that they can always find their way back to their heart…the safest place to be.

With striking prismatic spreads featuring precious animal characters and a heartwarming text, the story celebrates the first day of school, its challenges and surprises, of belonging and making the world a better place. Families and educators of young children will welcome a book that paves the way for a promising start to a young child’s new school year.


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About the author

Author: Christine McDonaldHi, I am Christine. I am a poet, a scientist, a mother, and a lover of our natural world.  I have always loved this earth and animals.  From the time I was a child, playing in the dirt has been natural. My love for nature grew even more when I went to college and got a degree in plant and soil science.  For 40 years I worked as a forest soil scientist and continue to work as an environmental consultant today.


In 2017, I published my first bookMy Two Mothers, A Collection of Poetry and Prose where I explore my healing journey with my mother and our natural connection with our earth mother.  Where Everything Wild Has a Home, Wild Poems was published in December 2022 and is my invitation to you to go deeper into your own wild heart. The underlying theme in all of my books is belonging.  Such an important understanding that shapes the way we see ourselves and the world.  I am delighted to release my new children’s book about belonging.  I think you are going to love Just Imagine a More Beautiful World and like me will want to see it in the hands of children.


Connect with me at: www.christinemcdonald.net






Christine McDonald’s “Just Imagine a More Beautiful World,” with charming illustrations by Julene Ewert, is a delightful and heartwarming children’s book that invites young readers to explore the boundless possibilities of their imagination. The story, centered around a classroom activity led by the inspiring Mrs. Burns, encourages creativity, self-discovery, and the power of imagination.

The narrative begins with Mrs. Burns asking her students to crawl under their desks and pretend to be in a cave. She then provides them with cardboard to create their own worlds, placing themselves at the center and building outwards. This exercise sparks the children’s creativity, as they imagine and construct unique worlds where they feel safe, loved, and free to be themselves.

Mrs. Burns emphasizes the importance of the heart, both as a metaphorical and literal center of their worlds. She gives each child a soft red heart to sit on, reinforcing the idea that the safest place to be is within one’s heart. This touching concept is beautifully illustrated by Julene Ewert, whose vibrant and expressive artwork brings the story to life.

Throughout the book, the children are encouraged to use all the colors of the rainbow and to take their time in creating their worlds. This message of patience and self-expression is crucial, as it teaches children that they have the freedom to explore and create without the pressure of time constraints.

One of the standout moments in the book is when Mrs. Burns reminds the children to include a door in their worlds. She explains that having a door ensures they can always find their way back to their hearts, even if they get lost. This metaphor serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of self-reflection and staying true to oneself.

As the story progresses, the classroom fills with laughter and joy, with each child delighting in their own creations. By the end of the day, they all understand that they can be whatever they want to be because they are always at home in their hearts. The book concludes with an invitation for readers to imagine a world where everyone feels at home in their heart and to think about what their hearts tell them is possible.

The book also includes an interactive element with Bun Bun, a character who helps readers get started on their own creative journey. Readers are encouraged to draw a heart in the middle of a circle shaped like the earth and then color it using any art medium they like. They are also prompted to think of three things that bring them joy and can make a more beautiful world, and to express these thoughts through writing, drawing, coloring, singing, or dancing.


Final Verdict


This book is a must-read for children and parents alike. Its engaging story, memorable illustrations, and heartfelt message make it a timeless treasure. “Just Imagine a More Beautiful World” will inspire young readers to dream big, embrace their uniqueness, and create a world where everyone belongs.


Highly recommended for:

  • Children aged 4-8
  • Parents and educators looking for an inspiring, creative read
  • Anyone who believes in the power of imagination and self-expression

For more interactive fun, visit Christinemcdonald.net/Imagine for a downloadable craft page.





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