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 #RWYK Great Read #Review – Larry and Bob by Karen Schaufeld, Illustrations by Kurt Schwarz

Happy Friday readers!

It’s time yet again to introduce ya’ll to another great read that is sure to win your family’s heart. Reading with Your Kids can’t wait to announce that Larry and Bob by Karen Schaufeld, is our brand NEW Certified Great Read!

Read on to learn all about this beautiful and insightful read!

Let’s Have A Look At The Book Blurb

Larry and Bob by Karen Schaufeld

Larry and Bob by Karen SchaufeldA story of a unique friendship between a Bald Eagle and a Smallmouth Bass. In the midst of their everyday lives, Larry and Bob meet one fateful day that will change them both. Larry and Bob is an exciting story that will keep readers intrigued about what will happen next.


Meet Children’s Author Karen Schaufeld


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Quidne PressQuidne Press was formed to find and promote books that defy traditional publishers’ categorization. Quidne Press books are intelligent, use language and visual art beautifully, and appeal to a wide range of ages simultaneously. Our books are the antidote to simple books that are repetitive to read with dumbed down vocabulary. Each book is a work of art, pleasing to the eye and the ear, and includes a message with relevance and appeal to all ages. We encourage readers of all ages to allocate some of their precious time to read books together.

Quidne Press works with authors to design their books to be read to children of all ages. The vocabulary is advanced and should prompt questions. Children at every age will understand and interact with each book differently.

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Our Review

Did you ever think an eagle and a smallmouth could be friends? Well, that is what Larry and Bob, is all about!

Enjoyable for adults and children alike. Larry and Bob by Karen Schaufeld, illustrated by Kurt Schwarz is a second book we have reviewed by this author. This sparse little book for young readers is beautifully difficult to define. It’s about the friendship between two unlikely animal fathers, a Bald Eagle and a Smallmouth Bass. The book emphasizes that even the most different of creatures can be friends.

While Larry guards his egg in a tall tree next to a broad river. Bob lived in the river below Larry’s nest and his days are mostly spent protecting 19,003 eggs” in the river below. One day Larry catches Bob, not ready to accept his fate as a lunch to this bird; Bob pleads to Larry, dad to dad, to let him go to take care of his little ones, and promises to meet the eagle in one year at the same rock where he had caught him. Larry agrees and makes the deal.  Over the following months, Bob’s days were occupied looking after his kids and Larry’s focus was to feed Larry Junior.

One day when Larry Junior falls into the river, he is rescued by Bob’s quick thinking and bravery. As decided, Bob finally goes to meet eagle after a year. Larry says he can’t eat him as he saved his son. Instead, they strike up an unlikely friendship. Although the animals are personified, many of the animal traits they would posses are retained. This makes the characters seem more genuine. Over the years, the eagle shares that, as a solitary bird, he feels lonely, and Bob, despite being surrounded by other fish, admits that he feels the same. For years, they meet at the same rock, swim and fly upstream together, and talk about life in the sky and life in the water.

In Summary: Delightful story and colorful illustrations make this book a wonderful read while teaching lessons of friendship and nature. The watercolor illustrations of Kurt Schwarz are very appealing and well-matched to the tale. The illustrations of the book increased our rating. This could work as a read-aloud, particularly for young chapter book readers. Karen has created a subtle yet entertaining story of friendship.

A great read for animal lovers, third grade and up. It can spark nice conversations about differences and commonality, the meaning of friendships, how animals have feelings too, etc.



***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Karen Schaufeld/ Quidne Press for the opportunity to read and review his wonderful book. Please be assured that our opinions are honest.


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