Lets play the MESSY HAIR GAME with Gail Gritts!

Lets play the MESSY HAIR GAME with Gail Gritts! post thumbnail image

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Interview with author Gail Gritts about Messy Hair Game (Reba & Katherine)

Hey everyone! Joining us today is the debut author Gail Gritts in a one-on-one conversation with our host Jed Doherty. Her children’s book, Messy Hair Game, released this month and Gail is joining us to tell us everything about her book from the story to the main characters.

In our interview, Gail discusses Messy Hair Game, describes her journey as a writer, What inspired her story. Gail has some importance of sharing and cherishing our warm childhood memories and how to create them for your kids. Tune in to learn some interesting facts about her story and her childhood experiences. Listen and hear what Gail has to say – you will be amazed!


Here’s more information about Gail Gritts

Gail Gritts is a children’s author and devotional writer. She and her husband, Tom, have spent the past 34 years in England doing missionary work. Timeworn with telling repeated fairy tales to her grandchildren, she reached into her past and pulled up the antics of Reba and Katherine that delighted her hearers.


Messy Hair Day book coverReba and Katherine are tired of waiting on Grandma, so they invent their own game to pass the time. Maybe they have made a poor choice?

Children’s author Lorri Cardwell-Casey describes the story as “in the same spirit as the Little House books, it’s a story about fun and family—and a wee bit of mischief.”

Javier Duarte, a Uruguayan artist with over ten years of experience in children’s illustrations, creates the captivating artwork that brings Reba and Katherine to life.


In this episode, we discuss

  • Gail reads out an excerpt from Messy Hair Game
  • More about Messy Hair Game & where did Gail get the idea for her book
  • Gail’s publishing process and how sharing her childhood stories with her granddaughters inspired her to write this book
  • Why childhood memories are the most outstanding
  • Gail discusses her upcoming projects & some fun facts about her book
  • Jed shares some great words of wisdom from author Samuel Clemens who is better known by his pen name Mark Twain. Be sure to tune in & catch all the fun. Happy Listening!


A big thank you to Gail for joining us and for sharing her story!

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Where can people find Cheryl on the internet?

Her website: http://www.truestorykeepsake.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truestorykeepsake/

Amazon: www.amazon.com/Messy-Hair-Game-Reba-Katherine/dp/1945669381/?pldnSite=1



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