#RWYK Great Read #Review –”Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me”, written by Fina Lowman and illustrated by Fuuji Takashi

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You know that we at Reading with Your Kids, LOVE all things Kidlit! We just adore children’s books that open up a door to a rich conversation – and our brand NEW ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read does not disappoint. We’re thrilled to add Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me, written by Fina Lowman and illustrated by Fuuji Takashi to our hall of fame!

We had a super time reading Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me. We know that adoption can be very hard for children to understand, whether adopted or siblings. Liah and Otto is a perfect book to introduce kids to the concept of adoption. It is a magical, reassuring story of one adoptive family’s beginnings, told in words and pictures that are just right for the young children. Told with love and humor, and enlivened by vivid illustrations, Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me will go straight to readers hearts.

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Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me by Fina Lowman
Liah and Otto: My Brother and MeLiah is excited about becoming a big sister. Her adopted brother Otto will be arriving today and she can’t wait. She spends the day daydreaming about what Otto will look like. Is he a ticklish fire-breathing dragon or a sharp-tooth dinosaur who likes to eat pizza and french fries? To her surprise, Otto is the complete opposite, and she couldn’t love him more.
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Learn more about Fina Lowman

Fina LowmanFina Lowman was born in Kansas but grew up in Connecticut with her mother, stepfather, and three siblings. Fina has a passion for writing and drawing. Fina’s mission as a children’s book author is to provide a story that promotes diversity, love, respect, kindness, acceptance, and understanding. Fina wants to continue to teach the youth that we are all different and that’s okay. We may have different backgrounds but one thing is the same in any language, love.
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Our Review

A great resource to help prepare younger kids for the adoption of a sibling

 Finally….a book that genuinely celebrates a young child joining the new family past infancy.

Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me is a children’s picture book, beautifully written by Fina Lowman and illustrated by Fuuji Takashi that teaches children the importance of adoption and welcoming new siblings into the home. We love books that open up doors to a rich conversation—this one does not disappoint. Liah and Otto is a story about a big sister waiting for her little brother to be brought home and is written from the perspective of the big sister. The story focuses on the older sister to be Liah’s feelings and emotion both during the wait and when she finally meets Otto. It addresses the natural concerns siblings may feel and is a good conversation starter. Liah and Otto is seriously a must-have book for all the adoptive families.

We love that this book describes adoption without describing adoption, and will help kids to understand a new addition coming into the family by way of adoption. The images are a great pair to the story. They are lifelike and because of this, the reader feels a real connection with the cast of characters. Fina Lowman beautifully describes all the emotions and excitement little Liah is experiencing while waiting for the arrival of his adopted brother Otto. Fuuji Takashi’s illustrations are warm, friendly, and accessible. Our favorite part? The pages showing Liah day daydreaming about what Otto will look like. Liah’s imagination includes a ticklish fire-breathing dragon and a sharp-tooth dinosaur who likes to eat pizza and french fries.

While best suited to children ages two to eight, Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me is a gem that will undoubtedly be enjoyed by older children as well. Most children’s adoption books reflect infant adoptions, and may not be appropriate for the older child who spent their early years in foster care or an orphanage. Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me is a much-needed book that social workers and therapists will want to recommend to families who adopted their child past the age of two. The book helps parents, siblings and reassure children of their permanent place in the new family, and of how much they are wanted and loved.


Final Verdict

With its touching message of love and reassurance and whimsical illustrations, Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me, is sure to be cherished by children and parents alike. With warmth and honesty, this adorable story taps into the feelings of longing, love, and joy that adoption brings to many families. Readers will find reassurance knowing there is more than one way to become part of a loving family.

“Liah and Otto: My Brother and Me” is guaranteed to help families celebrate their differences while also emphasizing that our hearts are what matter most. A great read-aloud choice for children ages 2-8.


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