Meet Bilal and the Big Bully!

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In Conversation with Farhan Khalid, Author of Bilal and the Big Bully!

Hey RWYK family!  Today, we’re ELATED to have this opportunity to sit down and speak with Farhan Khalid, author of an entertaining children’s book Bilal and the Big Bully that teaches some important life lessons to kids about diversity, individuality, and standing up to bullies.

In today’s episode, Farhan chatted with Jed to discuss Bilal and the Big Bully, What inspired his story, How his book encourages children to stand up for themselves as well as for others, some fun facts about his book and other books he has written. Hope you guys enjoy the interview as much as we did recording!


Here’s more information about Farhan Khalid

Farhan KhalidFarhan Khalid is a Chicago native with a big sweet tooth and a winning smile…and a sometimes corny sense of humor. His interests include cars, food, wildlife, and photography. His works include ‘Open the Door to a Wealthier Life’, ‘Ultimate Beast, Ultimate Battle’, a short series of eBooks, and some articles/blog postings on Autoblog, WordPress, and LinkedIn.


More about Bilal and the Big Bully

“Hey, can I have a bite?!”

Having just moved, Bilal is a new student at Curiously Complex Elementary School. He’s excited to start the 4th grade, but it turns out that there is a big bully at this school, one who likes to eat a bite of other kids’ lunches. Wally Wannabite certainly lives up to his last name! And being bigger than the other kids, no one has the appetite to stand up to him.

How will Bilal deal with this situation? Will he use his Karate skills, hide underneath the lunch table, or find a peaceful solution? Find out how Bilal handled the bully, and if he came out of this in one piece.

Bilal and the Big Bully is an essential addition to any school library. Educators can utilize this book as a teaching tool when discussing lessons on bullying, diversity, and respect. The main character is a minority. The book also touches on bullying from the bully’s perspective.

This story is about 2000 words long. It is written for ages 7-11, but suitable for all ages.

Looking for a great picture book to start the conversation with your kids about bullying? Click the below link to buy your copy of Bilal and the Big Bully



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In this episode

  • You’ll hear Jed reading a page from Bilal and the Big Bully
  • What is Bilal and the Big Bully all about? Farhan shares the story line and describes the main character of his book
  • what inspired Farhan to address the subject of bullying through his book
  • Where can readers find out more about Richard?
  • Jed & Farhan discuss all the other books he has written on various subjects, what is he currently working on & much more…Be sure tune in to catch all the fun!


A big Thank You to Farhan Khalid for joining us! Glad you all could join us for today’s guest interview! We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview and we look forward to  introducing you to some great guests in our next episode.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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