MEET East, the Long-Trunked Elephant!!

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Children’s Author Kicki Pallin on Friendship & Humanity

East, the Long-Trunked Elephant 

Hey RWYK family!

Kicki Pallin, author of East, the Long-Trunked Elephant, new Children’s Picture Book, recently sat down with our host Jed Doherty for a wide-ranging interview at ReadingWithYourKids podcast.  Kicki’s book teaches kids to love themselves just the way they are!

East, the Long-Trunked Elephant, a children’s illustrated picture book, for three to seven-year-olds, by Kicki Pallin, launched in November (Printed edition) and December (eBook) 2017.

The book tells the tale of a little elephant called East who has a very long trunk. More than anything else he wants to have a shorter trunk, like the other elephants. That way, the other kids wouldn’t tease him and laugh at him. But one day he leaves the elephant camp to spy on two mischievous tiger brothers who look to be up to no good.

Be sure to tune in to join East on his adventure as it takes a surprising turn, and he ultimately learns an important life lesson!


More about Kicki Pallin

Kicki Pallin lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and has to some extent been a writer all her life. The biggest joy of her life is her two grown-up sons, and they are the reason she started writing Children’s Books. Kicki would feel utterly at a loss if she one day wouldn’t be able to express herself in writing any longer.

Kicki has written for newspapers, radio, and various social media. She is the owner of Pallin Communication, and besides writing, she works for the organization Global Woman and as a private teacher. She also loves painting and spending her spare time with her family and friends.

More about East, the Long-Trunked Elephant

East, the Long-Trunked ElephantEast is a little elephant who is different from the others. He has been born with an extra long trunk. When he walks past the girls he feels so nervous that he trips.
“Clumsy East,” the other boy elephants whisper, and they all giggle.
East, the long-trunked elephant is a book about feeling different and discovering that everyone has a gift.


Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy today!


In this episode, You’ll discover

  • Introduction to Kicki’s picture book East, the Long-Trunked Elephant
  • What inspired Kicki to write this book?
  • Some interesting facts about the intuitive wisdom of the elephants and it are my humble way of honoring them and their gift
  • Kicki shares with us,  when the devastating tsunami hit South East Asia in 2004, the elephants had already known long before that something terrible was about to happen. Intuitively, they fled as far away from the shores as possible.
  • More about the number of jobs Kicki had, including a journalist, a teacher, a radio host, and a sales and marketing manager, before she decided to start taking her book writing career more seriously
  • More about her other books including Doctor Fish and Flying Chow and Granny Mae’s Magical Adventures.


A big thank you to Kicki Pallin for joining us and for sharing her story with us!


For more info about Kicki go to


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