Meet Kayla Wayman, Junior Time Traveler!

Meet Kayla Wayman, Junior Time Traveler! post thumbnail image

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Starring Nutschell Anne Windsor

Happy Sunday everyone! Today we’re ELATED to  feature Nutschell Anne Windsor, owner of  The Writing Nut, the host of many Writer’s Workspace Wednesday posts. She recently celebrated the release of  her middle grade novel Kayla Wayman, Junior Time Traveler, a MG and YA writer with many interests, including martial arts, photography, drums, and travel.

We’re super excited to share with you what Nutschell has to say about writing, her books and her future publications. Listen in as she reads out an excerpt from her novel and learn some interesting facts about her stories. Get your cup of coffee ready, and let’s get started!


More about Nutschell Anne Windsor 

Nutschell (pronounced Noo-SHELL, in case you were wondering) Anne Windsor is a middle grade/young adult fantasy writer who hails from the Philippines and now lives in sunny Los Angeles. She is the Founder and President of CBW-LA and is the Assistant Regional Adviser of the L.A. Region of SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

Nutschell Anne WindsorNutschell founded the Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles ( in 2010 with the hope of sharing knowledge with fellow children’s book writers in the area. Following a BA in Psychology from the University of the Philippines (Diliman), she became an English teacher at Miriam College High School. Currently, she is the Creative Writing (Online) and Events Rep for UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

Her experiences have turned her into a detail-oriented, organized planner, and she uses these skills to teach and facilitate workshops and critique sessions for CBW-LA. She is also an active member of the blogging community.

A Jane-of-all-Trades, Nutschell’s interests include photography, travelling, sketching, playing the guitar and drums, playing basketball, badminton, billiards and singing in the shower. She can be a toughie as shown by her current ranking as Brown 2 Belt in the Filipino martial art of Escrima. But mostly, Nutschell is a softie who enjoys watching funny cat videos and baking yummy desserts.


More about Kayla Wayman, Junior Time Traveler

Time travel to Victorian era London, the Golden Age of Hollywood, and a Tokyo lab a whole millennium into the future might sound like a fairy tale life. But time traveling teen Kayla Wayman discovers that when the time stream holds her fate in its finicky grasp, it feels more like a nightmare.
Wanting desperately to prove to her mom that she’s grown up, she breaks the rules and time jumps alone. But a simple misstep throws her miles and decades away from her intended destination. Now she’s tumbling from city to city, through different time periods, directionless and afraid. Kayla must learn to master time and believe in herself, or she may never find her way home.
This first collaborative novel from the makers of Story Sprouts is a tale of big adventure, second chances, and the power of a family’s love. Included in this volume are valuable extras for young writers and classroom discussions.

Can you imagine writing a book with your entire class? That’s what the authors of this book did. Get your copy of Kayla Wayman, Junior Time Traveler to experience all the fun!

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In this episode

  • More about Kayla Wayman, Junior Time Traveler 
  • Nutschell shares the creative ideas and efforts that put were behind to write this book
  • She explains how it is the first collaborative novel of its kind, and the Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles (CBW–LA) are very proud of this achievement.
  • Nutschell talks about the main purpose of writing this book which was to educate, inspire, and empower writers to share their voices with the world.
  • She discusses some of the important discussion parents can have after reading her book, her future projects & much more. Be sure to tune in to find out & you’ll be amazed!


So, there you have it. We’re sure you’ve enjoyed learning about Nutschell’s writing projects, process, and hearing writing advice from her as much as we did! If you’ve enjoyed this episode then please rate and review our show in iTunes and share it by clicking the social media buttons at the bottom of this page!


You can learn more about Nutschell & her books by visiting

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Twitter: @nutschell

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