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#RWYK Certified Great Read #Review –Monica and Michelle: Travel the World by Vera Harris

5 stars

Hey hey hey, It’s Friday! And it’s time to bring to you a brand NEW children’s book which will be a great addition to your family library!

Today, we’re are honored and excited to announce that “Monica and Michelle: Travel the World” written by Vera Harris has been named our latest RWYK Certified Great Read!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Monica and Michelle: Travel the World by Vera Harris

Monica and Michelle: Travel the World“I do not want to go to another school!” yelled Monica as she slammed the door to her room. Michelle, her twin sister, looked confused. Michelle could not understand why her twin sister, Monica, was so unhappy. Michelle has always enjoyed meeting new friends regardless of where the family had moved.


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Here’s some information about Vera Harris

Vera HarrisVera Harris, called “Sister” by her family, enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, listening to various types of music, and working in her church. Vera is a Bronze Star Recipient. After retiring from the U. S. Army, a deployment that included eighteen months in Iraq, Vera returned back to Texas and now lives in East Texas and was inspired by her grandson to write her first children’s book. Vera is a 2019 Finalist for Best Book Cover for Indie Author Legacy Award (IALA). Vera is also a 2019 Finalist in the Author Academy Award Children’s Book Category.

Her books can be purchased on, Barnes & Noble or wherever books are sold.

1. A Bee on My Bike
2. Zach and His Cat
3. Where Shall We Go? (Certified Reading with Your Kids Book) (Author Talk About It Award Book)
4. Monica and Michelle Travel the world (Certified Read with Your Kids Book in Softback and Hard Copy. Finalist for Best Book Cover for Indie Author Award 2019.
5. What? Jury Duty (short fiction story)


If you’d like to find out more about Vera and her book, visit

Her website:
Facebook Page: [email protected]
Instagram:  @vharris5413
Twitter: @vharris5413


Our Review

Moving to a new place can be difficult for children during the tween and teen years – especially if the move also means uprooting them from a school and a comfortable circle of friends. Kids can feel alone, pushed to the side, and unsure of where they could possibly fit in or if there is a place for them. One way to help kids is by reading positive and uplifting children’s books that explain the experience of relocating to a new place. Monica and Michelle: Travel the World written by Vera Harris is a perfect book for kids who are about to make the exciting yet oftentimes scary journey into a new city/country. This book can open up communication, ​​helping your kids move to a new environment and feel more secure in this big change.

Monica and Michelle follow the story of twin sisters, Monica and Michelle Williams. They currently live in Germany with their parents who are from North Carolina and both serve in the U. S. Air Force. Monica and Michelle are accustomed to their parents receiving moving orders to new and exciting locations. And this time they have to move to Spain. While Michelle is happy about their big move, Monica is not. She refuses to move if it means having to leave her science project team, or to leave the position of a head cheerleader of her cheering squad. Throughout the course of the book, Monica learns how to deal with her sadness, confusion and worry in a positive way. While initially saddened by the move, she learns that despite leaving some things behind there will be many things her family will share in their new home and she realizes the most important thing is being together.

The author, Vera Harris has done a fantastic job in creating a simple story to help children visualize where they are going, thereby relieving some of the anxiety associated with relocation. This book uses colorful, and expressive images which go along with simple text to help children connect words and emotions. Kids will identify with Monica’s character and that can help children realize that they are not the only one having to deal with managing a move.

Final Verdict

Monica and Michelle: Travel the World is an amazing resource for military families moving to a different home, community, and school. Families can use Monica and Michelle to introduce the transition of moving and help children think about ways to manage their feelings and navigate the challenges that come with moving.



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A big thank you to the author for providing us a free copy of his book through Reading with your Kids certified program. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own.


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