Greetings To All My New Friends In Mr Niles Class!!!

I had a great time performing for some of you this morning via zoom. What a great audience. I am happy you and your family took the time to visit this page on my website, I created it just for you!

Scroll down this page and you will find:

  • A link to download a digital copy of my book REAL Magic that your parents can download for free!
  • Videos of me performing magic at many different events over the years
  • A video of me reading aloud my book The Great Maritini!
  • A Video Of my kids Chris & Alejandra performing Houdini’s Most Famous Illusion!

Have FUN!

Click here to download a free digital copy of Real Magic


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Click here to download four cool magic lessons for free!

Check Out Jedlie’s Very First Magic Trick, From 1989!

Check Out My Kids Performing Houdini’s Most Famous Illusion!!!