No Bears Allowed: RWYK Interview with Lydia Lukidis

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RWYK Host Jed Doherty In Conversation with Lydia Lukidis – No Bears Allowed

Hello everyone!

We’re super excited to welcome back author Lydia Lukidis to the Reading With Your kids Podcast. If you remember, Lydia had joined us in April 2019 to talk about her wonderful picture book The Broken Bees’ Nest: Beekeeping (Makers Make It Work).

In today’s fun interview, Lydia joins us to discuss the inspiration for her ideas and stories, and to share the process about her latest picture book, No Bears Allowed.  Tune in to learn all about this fun little gem of a book!


Learn more about Lydia Lukidis

Lydia is an author, creator and conceptual artist. Her passion for reading and writing began at a very young age when she started composing poem after poem in her journals. She later acquired her Bachelor degree in English Literature from McGill University and her love for the written word continued to grow.

Image result for lydia lukidis authorLydia uses her creativity and skills to educate, inspire and entertain children. Her mandate as an artist is to provoke thought and feeling while having a positive impact on children.  Her first book in print is the picture book Gerbs in the House: The Dilly Dally Bedtime Routine. In addition to her creative work, she also composes educational activities, workbooks and curriculum-based texts for children. Her background is multi-disciplinary and spans the fields of literature, theatre, and puppetry. Lydia has co-written and co-produced five plays for Panadream Theatre, a company she co-founded in 2007.   As a puppeteer, she toured extensively spreading joy to children from all walks of life.


For more information on Lydia and her books, please visit


Twitter: @LydiaLukidis


Learn more about “No Bears Allowed”

No Bears AllowedRabbit is afraid of many things, but most of all he’s afraid of gigantic, monstery, BEARS! The very nervous Rabbit is soon confronted by his worst fear who appears to be far more interested in making new friends than causing Rabbit any real harm. Despite his apprehension, Rabbit agrees to join his jovial new acquaintance for dinner, but wait a minute . . . is Bear planning to “have” Rabbit for dinner? In this tender story about a very nervous rabbit and a lovable bear, Rabbit discovers that things aren’t always as scary as they seem, and sometimes you may just have more in common with others than you think.


Grab your copy on Amazon!


In this episode, You’ll find out

  • More about Lydia Lukidis’s new children’s book “No Bears Allowed
  • What inspired the idea to write this book?
  • Lydia’s insights on how can children’s books help in teaching the value of multiculturalism and inclusivity?
  • What is the difference between writing creative nonfiction and writing fiction?
  • Lydia was excited to write No Bears Allowed so what took her so long to publish it?
  • Frustrating things all writers can relate to

  • An exclusive sneak peeks into some of the books she is currently working on.


A big Thank You to Lydia Lukidis for talking to us and sharing her book with our listeners!


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