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Eat Intentionally. And Support The Reading With Your Kids Podcast!!!

Forget getting a nutrition degree.  NutriVersity gives you simple tools to fit into the lifestyle you want – and the jeans you already have.

Personalized to You

Each recipe is automatically scaled to the proper size for you to meet your goals

Every Meal is Scaled to You

Customized to fit: you

Want a 1600 calorie per day Zone Diet to help you lose weight? Done. Get recipes sized to feed your husband and kids? We do that. Want to watch sugar intake? Done and Done.

Tailor NutriVersity to fit your unique dietary needs.

Feed the Whole Family

Cooking for two or even ten? Add people (a spouse, roommate, parent, children) on to your account to meet your family’s needs. Then, sit back while NutriVersity automatically scales recipes and provides tailored shopping lists for feeding the troops!

Best of all, you can try it free for 14 days!

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