Oliver’s Big Problem (Farm Tales Series): #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Oliver’s Big Problem (Farm Tales Series) by Stephanie Itle-Clark: #RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ – Book Review


Congratulations to Stephanie Itle-Clark & Jessie Miller!

Oliver’s Big Problem (Farm Tales Series) is our latest certified great read.




Oliver's Big Problem (Farm Tales Series)Oliver is one happy pig with a big personality! He loves his home, his friends, and the healthy food and exercise he gets at the farm. But Oliver did not always live on the farm. His first home was far too small! Discover how he ended up at the farm and get to know Oliver in the first of the Farm Tales Series written just for early readers in grades Pre-K-2. The book text incorporates early sight words as well as discussion questions for parents and educators to support growth in critical thinking and empathy for others.


About the author

Stephanie Itle-Clark is a former public-school developmental reading teacher, and the founder and president of the Academy of Prosocial Learning, where she supports prosocial and empathy education and provides resources and professional development for educators. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their pack of tiny rescue dogs. Stephanie is the author of Tiffany Rolls On and Oliver’s Big Problem.



Oliver’s Big Problem is a first-ever picture book in the Farm Tales Series by Stephanie Itle-Clark and Jessie Miller. Suitable for kids in grades Pre-K-2. Funny pictures, short sentences, and a sweet story are perfect for early readers. 

Oliver is your Typical pig. He loves to eat all day. He also loves playing with his friends, swimming, and running around big farmland. But life was not always fun for Oliver. He had to face many challenges at his first family house. Oliver lived in a tiny house where he could no longer fit in. He was getting bigger with each passing day and his family had to come up with a solution. Thankfully they met Jack who had a huge farm with a barn and he agreed to take Oliver in. With the help and support from his first family, Oliver has found a home and living his happiest days. He is one big, happy pig!

Oliver’s Big Problem celebrates swine in their floppy-eared, curly-tailed fabulousness. In fact, it celebrates the fabulousness in each and every one of us, and the basic needs we all have for food, shelter, and a whole lot of love. The last page contains the discussion questions that can be used by parents and caregivers as great conversation starters for many important topics such as empathy, finding a new home and caring for animals.




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