Phyllis Wong & The Girl Who Danced With Lightning

Phyllis Wong and the Girl who Danced with Lightning: A Phyllis Wong Mystery (The Phyllis Wong Mysteries Book 5)

Reading With Your Kids Podcast

April Book Of The Month

Book Review By Jedlie

“Phyllis Wong and the Girl who Danced with Lightning” is a delightfully fun adventure. I loved it and am happy to name it the very first Reading With Your Kids Podcast Book of the Month.

I am a huge fan of author Geoffrey McSkimming and his two mystery series; the Phyllis Wong Mysteries and the Cairo Jim Mysteries. McSkimming writing style is fun and fast paced, it seems like there is a new thrill on every page.


In the Phyllis Wong Mysteries, McSkimming has created a universe of fascinating characters. The hero of the series of course is Phyllis Wong, a brilliant young magician. I love Phyllis for so many reasons. She is a clever magician and detective, but more importantly for me is her strength, courage loyalty. She is always willing to stand up for a friend. I think Phyllis is a fantastic role model for all kids, especially young girls.

Her best friend is Clement, a young boy who loves disguises and is often the target of bullies. Our adventure begins when Clement discovers a seemingly ordinary movie post card in an antique shop.

At the time of the finding they have no idea that this discovery will send them on a journey into the past (Oh, did I not mention that Phyllis has the ability to travel into the past?!) and smack into the middle of a forgotten mystery surrounding one of the most famous stories ever written!

Phyllis Wong and the Girl who Danced with Lightning is fun for young readers and readers who are young at heart. I could not put the book down, it is a truly fun read. I am giving it a five star review and am happy to make it our very first book of the month selection.

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