Pisa Loves Bella: A Towering Tale of Kindness: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Pisa Loves Bella: A Towering Tale of Kindness by Kimberley Lovato: #RWYK Certified Great Read–Book Review

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Congratulations to Kimberley Lovato!

Pisa Loves Bella: A Towering Tale of Kindness is our latest certified great read!




Pisa Loves Bella: A Towering Tale of KindnessWelcome to Pisa!

I’m thrilled you dropped by.

I’m Bella the bell tower-

Eight stories high!


And so begins this uplifting rhyming tale told by Bella, Italy’s famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. For hundreds of years, Bella has felt proud of her

gravity-defying tilt. But her confidence is tested one day when she overhears hurtful words about her appearance. Bella responds by making a big change, one that leaves the residents of Pisa and visitors from around the world worried that their treasured tower will never be the same again.

Splashed with joyful art, memorable rhymes, and Italian expressions, Pisa Loves Bella is a celebratory and heartfelt story-as sweet as spumoni!-about kindness toward others and yourself.

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About the author

Kimberley LovatoI am a freelance travel writer, author, Champagne lover, and a die-hard Francophile.

My travel and lifestyle articles have appeared in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, CNN Travel, Virtuoso: The Magazine, Saturday Evening Post, Family Circle, AARP, Hemispheres, Marriott Bonvoy Traveler, Ciao Bambino, CN Traveler, The Best Women’s Travel Writing and many other print and online publications.

I am also the author two guidebooks to San Francisco, as well as “Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves,” a culinary travel book about the people and food of the Dordogne region of France, which was the GOLD Lowell Thomas Award winner in 2012, given by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation.

In 2021, my brother and I collaborated on a self-published project called “Quartraits: Portrait of a Community in Quarantine,” a collection of photos and stories of life during lockdown in a Los Angeles neighborhood. It was a 2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist.

I was part of a team of writers that contributed to National Geographic’s “Great Outdoors U.S.A.,” a meaty tome packed with 1,000 adventures across all 50 states that was released in August 2023.

My firsts children’s picture books, PISA LOVES BELLA: A TOWERING TALE OF KINDESS will be published June 30, 2024 by MB Publishing.

To learn more about Kimberley Lovato, visit her website www.kimberleylovato.com




Welcome to Pisa! I’m thrilled you dropped by. I’m Bella the bell tower – Eight stories high!

And so begins the enchanting tale of “Pisa Loves Bella,” a delightful children’s book written by Kimberley Lovato and illustrated by Barbara Bongini. From the very first lines, readers are introduced to Bella, the beloved Leaning Tower of Pisa, who proudly narrates her story in a charming, rhyming cadence.

Bella’s narrative is both engaging and heartwarming. For centuries, she has stood tall (albeit slightly tilted) and has been a source of pride for the residents of Pisa and a marvel for visitors worldwide. Her gravity-defying lean is what makes her unique and special. However, Bella’s confidence takes a hit when she overhears some unkind remarks about her appearance. This moment of vulnerability is a turning point in the story, leading Bella to make a drastic change that concerns everyone around her.

The story beautifully conveys important themes of self-acceptance and kindness. Lovato’s rhymes are memorable and flow effortlessly, making it an enjoyable read-aloud for children and adults alike. The Italian expressions sprinkled throughout add a delightful cultural touch, enriching the reading experience.

Barbara Bongini’s illustrations are a perfect match for Lovato’s text. Splashed with joyful art, they bring Bella and her surroundings to life with vibrant colors and expressive details. Each page is a visual treat, capturing the essence of Pisa and its famous landmark.

Pisa Loves Bella” is more than just a story about a tower; it’s a celebration of individuality and the importance of being kind to oneself and others. It’s a heartfelt tale as sweet as spumoni, reminding readers of all ages that what makes us different is often what makes us special.

This book is a wonderful addition to any child’s library, offering both a fun adventure and a meaningful lesson. Bella’s journey will resonate with young readers, encouraging them to embrace their unique qualities and to always be kind.


Final Verdict

In summary, “Pisa Loves Bella” is a joyous and uplifting tale that leaves a lasting impression. Kimberley Lovato and Barbara Bongini have crafted a story that is as enduring as Bella herself, teaching valuable lessons through engaging rhymes and beautiful illustrations.

Highly recommended for children, parents, and anyone who loves a good story about embracing one’s true self.




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