Poppy’s First Adventure by E.J. Stelter: #RWYK Certified Great Read

Poppy’s First Adventure by E.J. Stelter: #RWYK Certified Great Read post thumbnail image

Poppy’s First Adventure: Le Pont de Papillion by E.J. Stelter: #RWYK Certified Great Read–Book Review


Congratulations to E.J. Stelter!

Poppy’s First Adventure: Le Pont de Papillion is our latest Certified Great Read!


Poppy's First Adventure


This is a story of how a yearning kind-hearted pup follows her passion. A delightful rhyming tale about courage, compassion and a puppy who loves to explore and travel the world.

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About the author

Ellen J. Stelter Ellen J. Stelter is a world traveler and fluent French speaker having studied at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris. Alongside her loving husband Bill and two pups Papillion and Oiseau (yes dogs can speak French!), she is always thinking of others and how to help everyone see the best in one another. A long time French teacher, she has given the gift of knowledge to countless children and hopes to share her love of the world with young readers through Poppy’s First Adventure.

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Embark on a charming journey with Poppy, the adventurous pup, as she sets out on her first travel escapade in ‘Poppy’s First Adventure.’ The story unfolds beautifully, weaving a tale of curiosity, friendship, and delightful encounters across magnificent lands.

Ellen J. Stelter has crafted a heartwarming narrative that captures the essence of exploration and the joy of making new friends. Poppy’s enthusiasm for travel, coupled with her unique encounters, adds a delightful touch to the storytelling. From the bustling O’Hare Airport to the enchanting streets of Avignon, every detail is vividly painted, immersing the reader in the journey.

The characters, especially Poppy and her newfound friends, are endearing and relatable. The unexpected friendship between Poppy and Pumpkin, the orange cat, is a testament to the author’s ability to convey the universal theme of acceptance and camaraderie.

The vivid descriptions of landmarks like the Botanic Garden, the Sears Tower, and the pont d’Avignon provide a rich backdrop to Poppy’s adventures. The inclusion of cultural elements, such as the mention of ‘Sur le pont d’Avignon’ and the French song’s historical context, adds an educational touch to the narrative.

The narrative is accompanied by delightful illustrations by Noah Warnes that bring the characters and settings to life. The whimsical blend of words and visuals creates an engaging experience, making it a perfect read-aloud for parents and children.

‘Poppy’s First Adventure’ is not just a story; it’s an exploration of themes like kindness, understanding, and the joy of discovery. The narrative encourages readers to embrace new experiences, just like Poppy, and to appreciate the bonds formed along the way.

In conclusion, E. J. Stelter has delivered a delightful tale that will captivate readers of all ages. ‘Poppy’s First Adventure’ is a heartwarming and beautifully illustrated book that celebrates the magic of friendship and the joy of embarking on new adventures.

A must-read for anyone seeking a delightful escape into a world of whimsy and wonder.



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