Monthly Promotion Program

Make 2024 The Best Year Ever!

We Have A Fun, Affordable & Effective Way To Celebrate Your Book With Tens Of Thousands Of Parents, Educators And Other Folks Who Buy Kids Books!

Be A Part Of Our Spring Promotion Program And Have Your Book On Display At Three Amazing Events; the PTO Today Expo In Edison, NJ and Marlborough, MA, and the North Carolina Reading Conference in Winston-Salem, North Carolina




“I am delighted with the results I got from being a part of the Reading With Your Kids Promotion Program. It played a big part in “George J & the Miserable Monday” becoming the #1 Best Seller in its category on Amazon!” – Sivan Hong



“As a long-time PR professional, I am thrilled with the exposure that I received for my rhyming children’s picture book entitled Astra The Lonely Airplane!” – Julie Whitney, @BestCincyPRPro




Our monthly promotion program has been a huge hit with authors. This Spring let us celebrate your great children’s book with our incredible audience of kidlit fans on multiple media platforms, and with hundreds of educators, parents and kids’ books fans at three incredible live events!




Reading with Your Kids Podcast

And imagine having your book celebrated at the start of what many call the #1 children’s book podcast, The Reading With Your Kids Podcast! Since 2017 we have published over 1900 episodes featuring some of the top names in Children’s literature, we have been named one of the 15 Absolute Best Podcasts For Children’s Books, won two AVA Gold Digital Media Award, have been nominated for the iHeartRadio Best Kids & Family Podcast Award and are ranked in the top 1.5% of all podcasts Worldwide!



In addition to podcast commercials, we will celebrate your book with multiple messages to our 115,000 plus social media followers! Currently we have over 63,900 followers on Instagram, 47,700 followers on Twitter, 8,400 on Facebook, 2,500 on LinkedIn & 1.8K on Pinterest!

And your book will receive a special thank you in our Reading With Your Kids Magazine! Readers will see your cover art along with a description of your book. 


All Of This Promotion For Only $399!

Here Is What You Will Get In Our Fall Promotional Package

      •  Your book will be on display at the PTO Today Expo in Edison, NJ
      • Your book will be on display at our booth at the North Carolina Reading Association Conference in Winston-Salem, NC
      • Your book will be on display at the PTO Today Expo in Marlborough, MA
      •  A thirty second commercial promoting your book will be heard at the beginning of six episodes of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast (Three episodes in February, three in March)
      •  A total of eight tweets promoting your book to our 47,600 Twitter followers (Four messages in February, four in March)
      •  A total of eight messages promoting your book to the 8,500 followers of our Facebook page (Four messages in February, four in March)
      •  A total of  eight messages to the 63,900 followers of our Instagram page (Four messages in February, four in March)
      • A total of eight messages to our 2635 followers on LinkedIn  (Four messages in February, four in March)
      • Your book will be listed in our Reading With Your Kids Magazine


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