Episode One

We are celebrating Earth Day 2021 with a series of special episodes we are calling Protecting The Planet With Your Kids! Alexia Brown joins Jedlie to interview Jodi Wheeler-Toppen, author of This Is A Book You Read With a Worm. Jodi tells us why it is important to speak with our young kids about climate change, and how we can do it without scaring them. She also shares some fun & totally interactive activities your family can do with a worm.

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Episode Two

Alexia Brown welcomes Mary DeMocker to the second episode of Protecting The Planet With Your Kids. Mary is the author of The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution: 100 Ways to Build a Fossil-Free Future, Raise Empowered Kids, and Still Get a Good Night’s Sleep. This is an important book that gives parents information they need to get families working together to protect our planet.

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Episode THREE

Our special Protecting The Planet With Your Kids series continues with a conversation with Alan Hesse. Alan is an author-illustrator, an educator and a conservation biologist. He comes to us from his home base in beautiful, bio-diverse nation of Ecuador. His graphic novel series follows the adventures of a polar bear named Captain Polo. Alan tells us this is a wonderful way to introduce kids, especially reluctant readers, to the issue of climate change.

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Episode four

Alexia brown & Jedlie continue our special Protecting The Planet With Your Kids Mini-series by speaking with Evelyn Bookless. Evelyn is the author of the new #PictureBook Captain Green and the Tree Machine. She shares some great information that we can use to inspire our kids to become protectors of our planet.

Episode five

Gary Haq is a human ecologist. He has authored several reports and academic papers on transport, air pollution, climate change, behavior and lifestyle. He is also the author of My Dad The Earth Warrior, a fun middle grade novel. Gary tells us how we can inspire our families to become Earth Warriors.

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Episode SIX

We can protect the planet by capturing cow farts?! Erin Twamley joins Jedlie & Alexia to celebrate her attention catching book Capturing Cow Farts & Burps. Did you know there are over 2 billion cows alive on the planet? And that those cows are creating lots of farts that are adding to our climate crisis. Erin tells us how we can inspire our kids to become everyday superheros working together to save our planet

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Episode SEVEN

Patricia Newman returns to the #RWYK #Podcast to celebrate Planet Ocean. Patricia believes that since a little more than 70 percent of Planet Earth is ocean wouldn’t a better name for our global home be Planet Ocean? She tells us that we might be surprised at just how closely we are connected to the ocean. She wants us to know that regardless of where you live, every breath you take and every drop of water you drink links you to the ocean. And because of this connection, the ocean’s health affects all of us.