RWYK Author Interview: You ARE a Superhero by Jeannette Paxia

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In Conversation with Author and Coach Jeannette Paxia – You ARE a Superhero

We all want our kids to become successful, confident and happy individuals — we want them to have the best of everything. But we need to remember that teaching them good values and fostering gratitude in them for what they have, is also a big part of parenting.

In our brand new edition of the Reading with Your Kids podcast, we’re joined by Jeannette Paxia to discuss and celebrate her latest children’s book,You ARE a Superhero, a children’s book focused on showing children how special they are.

Jeannette specializes in teaching children how to increase their self-confidence through experiential exercises that children can actually relate too. Her book, You ARE a Superhero is the basis for for her events, which teach children how to increase their self-confidence through goal setting, positive focus and techniques that combat bullying. Jeannette has a fun, unique approach to interacting with children which allows them to absorb and retain the information presented thereby starting the increase in self-confidence.


More about Jeannette Paxia

Jeannette is a sought after speaker and coach who has spoken at graduations, training events, schools and more.  Her unique mix of straight-talk, humor, and compassion mixed with medical background and real-life experiences, not only inspires her audiences and clients but actually gives them the seeds needed to begin their transformation.

Jeannette delivers customized, engaging speeches, one to one coaching programs, group coaching programs and events, keynote speeches and more.  Jeannette is the expert to turn to for events and guidance that create a healthy mind, body and spirit.  If you are ready to be energized and excited about your potential, and the successful events you have yet to experience, get in touch with Jeannette today to find out what program or event will work best for you, and/or your company!


Learn more about You ARE a Superhero

You ARE a Superhero by Jeannette PaxiaA children’s book focused on showing children how special they are. Journey with your child in learning about the different people they encounter through their day, the special qualities the people in these jobs possess and discovering how to apply these skills to realize how special they are.

You ARE a Superhero is now available on Amazon!


Be sure to connect with Jeannette on her coaching websitebook site and on FacebookInstagram and on Amazon.




Interview Talking Points & Questions

  • How did you get into writing You ARE a Superhero?
  • Why do you think that kids are fascinated by superheroes?
  • How does Jeannette’s book inspire the readers to look at life in a more positive way and be more open to exploring their superhero traits?
  • How can we as parents, caregivers, and educators evaluate ourselves and see if we are giving negative energy to the kids in our lives and what is the first step to turn that around?
  • How important it is for us to educate your children about the dignity of labor?


A big thank you to Jeannette Paxia for joining us and for sharing her great insights with our listeners!


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