RWYK Is Delighted to Feature “The Missing Money (Money Monsters Book 1)”

RWYK Is Delighted to Feature “The Missing Money (Money Monsters Book 1)” post thumbnail image

Reading with Your Kids Podcast Ft. Okeoma Moronu Schreiner, a personal finance nerd, and corporate finance attorney

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In today’s exciting new edition of the podcast, we’re delighted to talk about The Missing Money (Money Monsters Book 1) by Okeoma Moronu Schreiner, a beautifully illustrated children’s book about an imaginative little boy’s first encounter with the banking system!

The world of money is ever-changing and it is hard to explain this newfangled technology in easy to understand terms. THE MISSING MONEY will help children understand the connection between traditional cash concepts and modern money technology.

In this incredibly informative episode, you’ll learn about a book that is guaranteed to teach your kids some important money basics the basics of banking, saving and modern banking technology. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and tune in for all the great insights!


A note from the Author

Okeoma MoronuHey, there! I’m Okeoma Moronu a corporate finance attorney, mother of two and former teacher.  I graduated from Columbia Law School in 2011 with over $200,000 in student loans and I am proud to say that I have since paid off those loans. In the process of becoming debt-free I became quite the personal finance nerd.

My hope is that the Money Monsters series will create opportunities for parents, teachers, and educators to have money conversations with children that will spark an interest and develop a curiosity, comfort and confidence that will last a lifetime.


The Missing Money (Money Monsters Book 1)

The Missing Money by Okeoma Moronu SchreinerThe Missing Money follows Kai on his adventure to deposit his newly earned money. While on his journey a seemingly scary ATM monster “eats” all of his money! Kai struggles to understand where his money has gone and just before attempting to break his money out, his mother sits him down to explain this confusing turn of events and helps put his mind at ease.

Get your copy now and your kids will enjoy the colorful illustrations in this wonderful story while learning the basics of money.




Interview Talking Points & Questions

  • Introduction to Okeoma Moronu Schreiner,  a corporate finance attorney, mother of two, a former teacher and now the author of The Missing Money (Money Monsters Book 1)
  • What inspired you to quit your job as a wall street lawyer and to write The Missing Money (Money Monsters Book 1)?
  • How do Money Monsters make money matters approachable and fun for both children and parents?
  • How can parents, educators, and caregivers use this book as an educational tool and increase comprehension of the lessons within the story?
  • What’s next for Okeoma Moronu Schreiner?



A big thank you to Okeoma Moronu Schreiner for joining us and for sharing her great insights with our listeners!


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