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Aditi Wardhan Singh on her Internationally Bestselling, multicultural parenting book #1 in parenting toddlers & adolescent counseling, Strong Roots Have No Fear


Raising World Children


Childhood is a country in itself. And the same rules of immigration apply. One needs to observe their culture, learn their language and imbibe traits from them to help build a sense of community. With the belief that if we raise children with a strong value system, we need not fear for their future, Joining us on this latest edition of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast is Aditi Wardhan Singh who brings to you her international bestseller kidlit, Strong Roots Have No Fear.

Author Aditi Wardhan Singh is a mother who “focuses on raising awareness about cultural sensitivity and empowerment in a multicultural world.” In our exciting interview, she talks about bringing awareness to a variety of parenting aspects through her book that embraces universal issues that melt into one common goal: raising a well-rounded individual.

Tune in now to learn all about this little gem of a book that is aimed at parents raising kids aged 0-10, most of the timeless life lessons in it are applicable to any age really, After all, most of us can use reminders of what to do with bullies, how to deal with self-doubt, increasing self-empowerment, being aware of the world with an open mind, etc.


About the Author

Aditi Wardhan Singh, author of Strong Roots Have No Fear: Empowering Children to Thrive in a Multicultural World with Intuitive ParentingAditi Wardhan Singh is an authoritative voice on self-empowerment & cultural sensitivity. Her work has been featured on numerous global publications and broadcast networks. She has also co-authored the Internationally best selling book “When You’re DONE Expecting”. Founder of RWC, she aims to bring forth diverse voices together. The leading global publication is on a mission to create unique resources for multicultural families so they can be more mindful of their path to being global thought leaders. Build a growth mindset at



More about “Strong Roots Have No Fear: Empowering Children to Thrive in a Multicultural World with Intuitive Parenting”

Strong Roots Have No Fear: Empowering Children to Thrive in a Multicultural World with Intuitive ParentingI am a global citizen, raised shuttling between countries and now parenting children who are American by birth. An Indian writing about challenges every parent faces in our ever-evolving world. A Third Culture Kid, I understand first hand what it means to be raised on the borders of multiple countries and cultures.

This book includes simple, easy to implement ways in which you can use your child’s strengths to intuitively, be mindful about –

** Raising Confident Children
** Building a Global Mindset




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Interview Talking Points & Questions

  • Introduction to children’s author, Aditi Wardhan Singh and her kidlit Strong Roots Have No Fear
  • Why did she choose this title for the book?
  • How does her book help in raising children with a confident and global mindset?
  • What are some of the most important values parents can provide to kids to be aware of the other culture around us and how to become a better citizen of the world?
  • What is Cultural appropriation?
  • Teaching kids to stand tall in the face of life’s milestones.
  • A global mindset that helps build awareness within.
  • Where can people find Aditi online and some of the wonderful resources available on her website?


A big thank you to Aditi Wardhan Singh for joining us and for sharing her book & passion with us!


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