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The Reading With Your Kids

Reading Challenge!

We want to help you create a local version of the award winning Reading With Your Kids Podcast that will inspire your families to read together every day for 30 straight days, and beyond!

In the digital age, schools are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage families in their children’s education and promote valuable learning experiences outside the classroom. Harnessing the power of the Reading With Your Kids podcast is a compelling strategy that will inspire families to read more together. The Reading With Your Kids Podcast Reading Challenge gives schools a unique opportunity to share literary content, book recommendations, and giving families a chance to discover the many joys and benefits of reading together every day.

Reading with Your Kids Podcast“Listening to the Reading With Your Kids Podcast helped me discover broader possibilities when it comes to the books the kids in my life read.”

Dr Rhoberta Shaler,

Podcasts are one of the fastest growing forms of media. Podcasts are a convenient medium that fits seamlessly into the busy lives of modern families. Parents can easily tune in during commutes, household chores, or while relaxing at home, making it effortless to incorporate reading discussions into their daily routines. This accessibility helps foster a culture of reading that extends beyond the classroom.

Moreover, podcasts provide a unique opportunity to connect with families on a personal level. Hearing their kids, their kids’ teachers, librarians, and fellow parents share their passion for literature and storytelling is inspiring and will encourage families to prioritize reading as a shared activity. It creates a sense of community and shared purpose in nurturing a love for books.

The Reading With Your Kids Podcast is one of the twelve podcasts you’ll enjoy listening to with your kids”

Chicago Parent Magazine

Additionally, your local version of the Reading With Your Kids podcast will feature engaging stories, original content created by your students, interviews with some of the World’s most beloved Children’s Authors, and reading tips to keep you motivated throughout the challenge. We will also provide free online reading content, book suggestions and once your school community meets the reading challenge goal we’ll celebrate with a captivating magic show that will leave your kids in awe. It’s a fantastic way to reward your school’s dedication to reading.

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