111111Your School Needs A Podcast

Your School Needs A Podcast!

Promote Daily Family Reading! Raise Test Scores! Improve Parent – School Communication!

Are you ready to embark on an innovative journey that merges education with entertainment? Our School Podcasting Service offers an unparalleled opportunity to embrace the art of podcasting, enriched with the magic of literature.

The Reading With Your Kids Podcast has been helping families all over the World grow closer through reading since 2017. We have a library of over 800 hours of interviews with many of the most respected authors in children’s literature. Creating a school podcast with us gives you access to a treasure trove of content that you can use to captivate your audience. Let these stories spark discussions, ignite imagination, and cultivate a love for reading.

How We Transform Your School with Podcasting:

Inspiring Families To Read Together That Will Help Kids Develop A Love Of Reading & Learning: The mission of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast is to help families grow closer through reading. Each podcast episodes we help you create will remind families of the many benefits of reading together.

Tailored Content Creation: Our expert team shares great ideas with your students to craft original podcast episodes that reflect their unique perspectives.

Author Interviews: Your students will be invited to help interview select authors, who will give them insights in how they can improve their writing and publish their own stories

Access To Our Reading With Your Kids Content: Imagine your school podcast featuring interviews with some of the top names in children’s literature!

Family Engagement: Strengthen the school-family bond by sharing students’ podcasting achievements, school news, and reading recommendations.

Skill Enhancement: Develop students’ communication skills, boost self-confidence, and empower them to conduct insightful interviews.

Fundraising Opportunities: Channel the appeal of podcasts to generate funds for your school’s initiatives while showcasing students’ creativity.

No Special Equipment Needed: No need for a podcast studio. Original school content can be recorded on a cell phone.

Here’s Some Of What You Get!

Full Access To Our How To Build Your Podcast Video Lessons. Participating schools will have full access to our library of “how to” videos that will teach kids, and teachers, the basics of how to record, edit, script, publish and promote a podcast. Our team has helped launch some of the World’s most popular kids and family podcasts, including the Reading With Your Kids Podcast, ranked in the top 1.5% of all podcasts worldwide, Solve It For Kids, ranked in the top 5% of all podcasts, and We Choose Respect, also ranked in the top 5% of all podcasts. (Rankings compiled by ListenNotes.com )

License to Utilize Our Past Reading With Your Kids Content In Your Local School Podcast. We have published over 1800 episodes of the award winning Reading With Your Kids Podcast featuring interviews with some of the World’s most respected and beloved Children’s Authors. We have distilled many of these twenty plus minute interviews into 5 to 10 minute kid and family friendly Best Of The Reading With Your Kids Podcast feature segments, perfect for your local school podcast. Best of all, you choose which of our Best Of segments to be used for your local podcast.

Full Access To Our Library Of Writing Prompts. We have created a collection of fantastic writing prompts your teachers and students can use to create fun and fascinating original content for your local podcast. We will also suggest great topics your students can create audio reports on, keeping your families up to date with what is happening at your school.

Invitations To “Co-Host” An Interview. We will be inviting appropriate grade level classes to be part of our live zoom audience for author interviews, inviting students to submit questions for us to ask our guest

We Will Obtain Consent From Copyright Owners To Allow Your Students To Record Themselves While Reading A Book Or Other Intellectual Property.

Invitations To Be An Author Book Tour Destination. Whenever possible we will invite one or more of your classrooms to host an online author visit, giving students a chance to learn about an author’s latest book and ask questions, creating a unique segment for your local podcast

Fully Edited Local Podcast. Once your school family has recorded your original content and selected your Best Of Reading With Your Kids Segment our team will edit this content into an exciting, unique podcast episode for your school family.

How It Works!

We offer packages of eight, sixteen, or twenty four episodes, so whether you’re looking for a miniseries or something to take you through the school year, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also control who can access your content; episodes can be released universally through sites like Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music or privately through a shared link. You’ll have complete control over your podcast. We’d love to hear your original content, and so would the folks in your school community, and you’ll also have full access to hundreds of hours of Reading with Your Kids Podcast content to entertain and inspire your community. Once you’ve recorded your audio, and selected the Reading With Your Kids segment you want included, send it over to us, and we’ll edit it for you. Easy as that!


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