Sonya Sahni and the First Grade

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Starring Dr. Soma Mandal

With conversations about immigration bans and borders dominating our daily news cycle, questions about what it means to be “American” are never as important as now. This is most true for children, who are figuring out the social politics on a daily basis. All kids feel different, whether it’s racial and religious differences or as simple as what clothes they are wearing.

Soma MandalIn this episode, we get to hear from Dr. Soma Mandal, author of a wonderful children’s book Sonya Sahni and the First Grade. This book is an interesting story about Sonya, a first grader, who is trying to fit in to American culture while trying to maintain her Indian culture. Dr Mandal is joining us to talk about her book, her inspiration to write & how her little book comes along with a message that everyone should read. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it!

Here’s more information about Dr. Soma Mandal

Soma Mandal was born to Indian immigrant parents and grew up in New York. She is a practising internist in NJ. She has an American accent and loves pizza and restaurants that serve breakfast all day. She grew up in the 1980’s and felt different from everyone else. She poured her heart into studying and became a hopeless bookworm. Her favorite place is the library, which she visits almost daily. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and family.

More about Sonya Sahni and the First Grade

Sonya is torn between her roots. She was born in the USA but her parents are Indian…she desperately wants to fit in and be American. Her parents want her to embrace who she is, but Sonya feels like a misfit. This is a wonderful story about a little girl who discovers her identity and learns to appreciate who she is. A must read for any child or adult who feels different from the rest of the world. Tm Williams has created beautiful illustrations to help capture all the colors of our imagination. This book will serve as an invaluable resource for parents and teachers alike.

In this Interview, Jed enjoyed chatting with Dr. Mandal and learning more about her book, background and journey to where she is now. We really hope you enjoy listening, if you do, please take the time to give us a review on iTunes, as it really helps us get this podcast to as many people as possible!

To learn more about Dr. Soma Mandal & her book

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