Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery: #RWYK Great Read Certified

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#RWYK Certified Great Read #Review – Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery by Cindy C. Murray

5 stars

Happy Friday everyone! We’re so excited and proud to bring to you a wonderful middle grade book that is filled with fantasy, adventure, character driven plot, and goofiness. We loved every word of this book and think it’s a perfect book for kids who embrace adventure and Excitement. So we’re happy to announce that  Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery by Cindy C. Murray has been named a Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Read!

Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery is a lively book that features two powerful girl characters who are such courageous, clever young heroines.  We think this book will excite even the reluctant readers and make them want to share the book with friends. We hope you and your family enjoy reading this book as much as we did!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery is the first book of the Sophie and Scottie Adventure Series. The main characters, Sophie and Scottie, are 11 ½ year old twin sisters who live on a 10,000 acre sheep ranch called Shear Heaven.

The girls aren’t identical twins but have similar features. Their unique personalities complement each other as they share a room, chores, and adventures on the ranch. They soon discover that this summer leads them to many more adventures that they only could dream of… enjoy!

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More About Cindy Murray

Cindy C. Murray is the author of the award winning Adventures of Sophie and Scottie Trilogy. She is passionate about sharing engaging and imaginative stories with young readers. Her creative storytelling is inspired by her two daughters and by the childhood adventures she shared with her six siblings. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Cindy contributed her innovative marketing skills to several Fortune 500 companies until she made the choice to stay at home to raise her children.

Cindy enjoys running and hiking, going to the beach, and attending sporting events. She lives in Poway, California, with her husband, daughters, and two dogs.

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Our Review

Is there anything better than spending an afternoon with your kid and a good book? If your little ones are craving epic adventures into extraordinary worlds, look no further! Make Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery by Cindy C. Murray part of their personal collection for whenever they just need to get away!

This is the first book in the Adventures of Sophie and Scottie Series and is a well written mystery/adventure story set in a beautiful Shear Heaven Ranch that follows two eleven year old non-identical twin Sisters Sophie and Scottie who have no idea what adventures the summer will bring. When the summer approaches, girls look forward to swimming in the cool ponds, climbing the huge oak trees, riding their horses, and taking care of their ewe, Fuzzy Mama.

Their adventurous journey begins when their globetrotting Aunt Jill sends Sophie and Scottie a magical, multicolor crystal picture frame which transports them thousands of miles away to “Rancho de La Joya hotel” in Mexico where they meet some magical creatures and funny characters such as gecko-monkeys, a papaya loving parrot, a talking bird named Tomas and a smart villain named Professor Zooger, they travel to the jungles of Mexico, to help Dr. Drake solve the mystery of the missing Monarch butterflies.

We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! It was full of intrigue, mystery, and adventure and it kept me on the edge of my seat. One thing that was really refreshing was to see how close these sisters were. There wasn’t much bickering and it was so sweet to see, or rather read, of their close relationship, working as a team, having each other’s’ back and being kind to everyone.

This book also teaches some important life lessons to kids such as caring for the environment, being responsible, being kind to animals, It also highlights lots interesting facts about Mexico and it’s culture painlessly mixed in with the tale enhance the value here.. These mix-ups and adventure are more than enough to keep any young fantasy fan entertained, the pace, humor and characters would make this a great read for any middle grader. It would also make a good read-alike for Harry Potter fans, particularly those who enjoy the atmosphere, fantastical creatures, and the humorous elements of the stories.

Final Verdict

A must Read Middle grade Fantasy…Funny, delightful and surprising!

Every page in this book involves you more with each characters and their unique adventures. We couldn’t put the book down once We started. We predict that you won’t be able to either. We highly, highly recommend this book for ages 8-12. Looking forward to picking up the rest of the series as soon as we can! Great job Cindy C. Murray!

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The Adventures of Sophie and Scottie Trilogy

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