Spirits Among Us by Sherry Howard: #RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ

Spirits Among Us by Sherry Howard: #RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ post thumbnail image

Spirits Among Us by Sherry Howard

Congratulations to Sherry Howard!

Spirits Among Us is our brand NEW Certified great Read! 


Spirits Among UsScooter has been wheelchair bound ever since the accident that took her mother’s life. Carrying on her mother’s ghost hunting work, Scooter and her best friend Harlan create a YouTube show called Spirits Among Us. Wanting to get a message from her mother before she passes over, Scooter buys a special ghost-hunting camera and places it in her family’s cemetery. But, when a string of robberies frighten the locals, will the camera capture more than a ghost?




Book Review

With a story as beautiful as its cover art is gorgeous, Spirits Among Us is a well-paced absorbing fantasy novel by Sherry Howard that is aimed at a middle-grade audience. It tells the story of a young girl named Scooter Marie, who lost her mother and became wheelchair-bound in a car accident several months ago. Scooter enjoys ghost hunting with her best friend, Harlan and together they create a YouTube show called Spirits Among Us. In the Appalachian folklore where Scooter and her family live, it is believed that if you don’t connect with a spirit within a year, you may never connect. Scooter is desperate to connect with her mother’s spirit and talk to her again but she is nowhere to be found. Apart from researching about the spirits, she loves spending time at her family’s paintball business, Chamber’s Corner.

Scooter is fascinated to connect with the spirit of her great great great grandfather, Zebediah. She thinks he might have a message from her mother. In her attempt to become an expert in connecting with spirits, Scooter buys a special ghost-hunting camera without her father’s knowledge and places it in her family’s cemetery. Around the same time, some strange robberies take place in her town which affects the scooter and her family. The robbers use their family property for a personal loot locker. With the help of her best friend and the expensive camera that she buys, Scooter is able to expose the robbers in front of the world and finally say goodbye to her mother.

Final Verdict

Spirit Among Us is a riveting ghost story and captivating adventure, this tale will have you guessing at every turn!

What we really love about this book:
– The atmosphere. It is so eerie you can feel it almost immediately.
– It is one of those books that will keep you awake at night, but then you’d decided that it was a bad idea to read it before bed. But you could not stop but to continue reading, because it is TOO GOOD.
– Page turner.
– We love friendship here so much!

We highly recommend picking this book. It is everything you need for an amazing middle-grade spooky read.

In the long haul, this book was a stellar read, and We can’t wait to get our hands on book two!


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