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The Great Maritini is a fun and touching story about Sam, an aspiring, well, some would say clumsy  magician. He is known throughout the land as The Great Maritini. Despite his many on stage mishaps Sam never gives up on himself, and as a result of that grit and resolve is able to dazzle audiences with his amazing transformations. Sam also has a kind heart who can not walk away from anyone in need, and soon learns that the greatest transformation is transforming feelings of caring into action to help another human being.

The Great Maritini has been called one of the top seven books that teach kids kindness by

It was received the StoryMonsters Approval from Story Monsters Ink Magazine.

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REAL Magic! answers the question “Is Magic Real?”

This is a the true story of a day when educational magician Jedlie invited a quiet girl on stage to help him perform a magic trick. When Jedlie asks the audience to welcome his shy volunteer with a round of applause they experience something quite wonderful, a greater kind of magic. This touching and beautiful tale reveals a profound and beautiful truth, when we helped someone feel loved, we help them do incredible, magical things.

Includes instructions to create your own magical change bag.

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“Love That I Matter To You!” is a book kids will love to read to their parents, and parents will love hearing it read to them over and over again!

“Love That I Matter To You!” is a sweet, charming and lovely story.” Jennifer Milius, author of the Einstein and Moo Series.

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What a fun magic kit for the young magician. Contains easy to use props that can make coins appear from nowhere, and make a an ordinary dollar transform into a giant bill. Also includes a super magic book that can teach your child to perform 50 easy to learn and absolutely amazing magic tricks.


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